I recently mentioned in my review of the Ecom Cash Crushers System that I had created a few new dummy email accounts. This was because I was getting so fed up having to surf through hundreds of emails in my personal account most of which were Spam.

This happens because I review so many online programmes and what you find is the scam sites often share or sell you email address even though they are not supposed to. Anyway this morning with a fresh coffee in hand I logged in to my laptop and there at the top of my email list was a “Limited VIP” invitation to join The Secret Millionaires Bot Club.

Apparently, this is a unique automated system that will enable me to earn thousands of dollars a day without lifting a finger. You know what, I think this needs a closer look. Want to know what I found? Then read on as I ask what is secret millionaire bot, is it legit or just another scam?

The Sales Page

Ok so I click the link and head off to the sales page, what do I find? Well like many of the landing pages that I end up on there is a video inviting you to click the play button to find out more. However this landing page is larger than most and we are able to scroll down for more information.

We are told there are currently 1294 people in a queue waiting for access. I then scroll down further to see what are supposed to be real reviews from verified users along with screen shots of what are supposed to be people’s earnings. Further down the page we have what is supposed to be live social media feed to prove the product is genuine and another option to sign up that says there are just 7 spots left.

Finally at the foot of the page we have lots of very very small print. The thing is I haven’t even pushed the play button and the home page is FULL OF RED FLAGS, let’s quickly look at a few.

  • Before we even start scrolling down we see the unauthorised use of established company logos. They include CNN, Forbes, Huff Post, McAfee and even the App store. This is to try and give a sense of credibility and indicate that they have featured the millionaire bot system. The thing is I searched through these company’s sites and couldn’t find a single mention.

  • Next are the testimonials. I won’t even talk about the dodgy names but “Donald Trimps” please! No the red flags here are the numbers. Over $5k in my first day and $200k in a month. Completely outrageous claims that just aren’t feasible.

  • Then there is the sign-up option saying that there are only 7 spots left. We are told there are already 1294 people in a queue waiting. This is a sales trick to try and force people to buy.

  • And although there are more I’ll just finish with the small print. Because you see at the foot of the page they say, “the typical purchaser does not make any money using this system”. They also say that “The company declares the information shared is true and accurate”. Which I will shortly show you is a LIE when we start to examine those testimonials.

I think thats enough of the red flags for now. Let’s have a look at that video and see if we can find out a bit more about this secret millionaire bot and how we can earn over $200k in a month.

secret millionaire bot small print

The Sales Video

On pushing play the first thing that’s strikes me that our host has a British accent. “Charles Allen” as he introduces himself claims to be part of a secret society of millionaires who make a fortune online using a specially designed automated bot. And guess what he and his friends have made so much money that it now bores them.

The club have got together and decided to release this system to “a lucky few”, which guess what includes you and me. I’m afraid I have reviewed so many of these types of programmes that you know when it is just complete and utter hype. But either way I’ve started watching so I’ll continue.

Mr Allen tells us that they have developed a “push button fully automated robot” that will allow us to earn in excess of $1m per year without having to lift a finger. He then has the audacity to tell us this “isn’t one of those cringe worthy online scams full of hype and nonsense”. Whoa let’s put the brakes on I actually think that’s exactly what this is Mr Allen.

Then we have the video testimonials of secret millionaire bot members telling us about the crazy life changing amounts of money they are earning. The only thing is that they aren’t, becuase the testimonials are FAKE. Let’s look at those testimonials next

Fake Testimonials

One of the nicest things about doing a good job or offering a great product is when you get brilliant customer feedback. Genuine testimonials can be a really powerful tool to help your business gain trust and grow.

The fact is if you go that extra mile to offer exceptional customer service or have a product that stands out above all others then it’s easy to get real testimonials. Which is why it is another HUGE RED FLAG when we find out that all of the secret millionaire bot testimonials are FAKE and are in fact just paid actors.


The first women that we see (in the picture on the left) tells us that thanks to the secret millionaire bot she has earnt $221k in just two months. Which does make me wonder why she has a profile on Fiverr (the picture on the right) offering her services as a video spokesperson.

Then we have this young lady who is so grateful to now have $134k in her bank account thanks to the secret bot. Thing is that she is on Fiverr as well offering services as a video spokesperson.

In all my reviews I do always say that any video spokesperson is just doing their job. They are paid to produce a video and are in essence just acting. How that video is used is of course another issue. In this instance just like in my recent daily profits review, they are being used to LIE about money that is being earned.

Which is funny because when we looked at the small print it said, The company declares all the information shared is true and accurate”. You know what I think I’ve seen enough. Let see what you get if you actually sign up.

So What Do You Get If You Sign Up?

I have been looking at secret millionaire bot for a few days since I received their email. Initially they wanted $37 for me to get access to their system but today that has come down to $9. Their product is sold via ClickBetter one of the lesser known and to be honest not very well reviewed affiliate platforms although they do offer a 60-day money back guarantee.

So what happens if you decide to bite the bullet and spend $9? Well the first thing is that you are immediately hit with a range of upsells all of them costing $100s. And the system that uses a unique push button fully automated robot to earn us millions? Well there isn’t one. All you get are a few old generic PDFs on how to make money with affiliate marketing.

Now don’t get me wrong affiliate marketing is an honest and legitimate way to earn money online. It is where you promote other people’s products on youR site and if someone buys those products via your site you earn a commission.

clickbetter homepage

I actually earn a living with affiliate marketing and it takes time an effort to get started. If you are prepared to learn and do the work then without doubt you can make a very good income working from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection. However there are no automated bots that will earn you hundreds of thousands of dollars a month.

And the PDF’s well the information is no more than a generic overview which could be found for free online. If you are interested in affiliate marketing then I suggest you look at the platform I use for my websites.

Because you can sign up to Wealthy Affiliate for free and they not only give you the first 10 lessons of their training but also 2 free websites. And when I say FREE I mean TOTALLY FREE no card or payment details are required. If you want to know more why not read my overview of Wealthy Affiliate.

Is There Anything Good About Secret Millionaire Bot?

Whenever I review a product that appears to be a scam I try and finish off with a positive if I can find one. So was I able to find any for the Secret Millionaire Bot? Well honestly no. The only thing was as the product is sold via Clickbetter there is a 60-day money back guarantee on offer.


What Is Secret Millionaire Bot? – Let’s Sum Up

So let’s sum up Secret Millionaire Bot. The first thing is that the homepage is full of red flags, including outrageous earning claims, fake testimonials and outright lies. This continues in the sales video with more fake testimonials and high pressure sales techniques.

And the product? Well they initially ask $37 for what is a few very generic PDF’s although because I went back a few days later to complete my review the price had dropped to $9. I can’t comment on the quality of the upsell products because I didn’t buy them but based on everything I have seen I feel pretty safe in saying that they are not worthwhile.

There is no secret bot and you are not going to make easy money. In fact as they even say in their small print “the typical purchaser does not make any money using this system”. Despite having searched for details on Charles Allen I’m still none the wiser about the real owners. So based on everything my advice would be to AVOID SECRET MILLIONAIRE BOT

Have you had experience with Secret Millionaire Bot and if so was it similar to mine? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below and remember it’s great to share information. Don’t forget if you have a question I will always get back to you.

Secret Millionaire Bot













  • 60 Day money back guarantee


  • Training material has little or no value
  • Make unrealistic claims
  • Fake Testimonials
  • Will try and upsell
  • We know nothing about the owner