If you are writing content for your blog, website or in fact anything that you want people to read online then there are some things that you really need to consider. Because it may well be that you have produced the funniest most informative, helpful and creative article ever to have been written but if your audience can’t find it then it has no value.

The amazing thing is that there are over 4 billion people online who could read your article from their laptop, tablet or mobile and over 99% of those people will be using either Google, Yahoo or Bing. So, what you can you do to help these search engines find your masterpiece? Well it’s time to look at the importance of keywords research

What are Keywords?

So, what are exactly are keywords? Well every time that you go to your favourite search engine and type in something like, what’s the best mobile phone? or maybe, simple chili recipe, it could even be, locksmiths in my neighbourhood, well all of those are keywords.

Well if I was being pedantic they are actually “keyword phrase searches” to be technically correct a single word like “Nike” is a keyword, but a phrase like “best Nike trainers” is a keyword phrase.

Keywords can be short, even a 3-letter word like dog or cat is a keyword, or they can be long. The most searched keywords are actually three to five word phrases.  So, what are keywords? They are simply what is being searched for in the search engines be it a single word or a phrase.

Wooden tiles spelling the importance of keywords

Keywords And The Power Of Page One

So, we know what keywords are and hopefully you can see why they are super important. But just in case you can’t let me show you. Ask yourself how many times you have searched for something and found what you are looking for on the first page. How often have you gone to page two and beyond?

Well research shows that almost 95% of web traffic is generated by results on page 1 of the search engines and that less than 1% of users ever go past page 5. Imagine then what an amazing opportunity this gives you when your blog or article is proudly sitting high on page one and receives hundreds of visits every day, every week, and every month.

Think about all that FREE TRAFIC coming your way and the potential it brings. Once you have a visitor on your site your options are almost limitless. You have the opportunity to influence then with your content. Tell them about the products and services you promote. You can build email lists and run courses. All of these and many more are ways you can generate income and it all starts with keyword research.

paper with good and bad keywords

Choose Your Keywords Wisely

So now the key to your keywords! choose them wisely. Why? Well because some keywords will only get a few clicks per day and others hundreds. Some will have little competition and others lots of competition. The crazy thing is these keywords are often about the same topic and ideal for the same content.

Because of this keywords can achieve incredibly different results and offer completely different value. They can be the difference between getting great search engine ranking and being hidden forever in the search engine abyss!

That’s great I hear you say but how do I know the difference between them. Well you do your research and you do it by using a Keyword Research Tool.

Best Keyword Research Tool – Jaaxy

Like most things these days there are loads of options when looking for keyword research tools. If you search in Google you will find hundreds but today isn’t about reviewing them. For me hands down the best keyword research tool for SEO you’ll find online is Jaaxy. It actually has a range of other functions as well but more about that another day. So how does it work?

Before we take a look at Jaaxy I just want to reiterate that the key to ranking well in searches is to build your content around keywords that not only have good traffic but also low competition. These type of keywords are called “Low Hanging Fruit” and it is much better to target them than keywords with huge amounts of traffic but also loads of competition. Ok so let’s jump over and take a look at the Jaaxy dashboard and see how we find these “Low Hanging Fruit”

What Is Jaaxy And How Does It Work?

As this post is about keywords and their importance let’s use them in our example and see if Jaaxy can help us. The first things we are going to do once we are in Jaaxy is type in our keyword or phrase. In this instance, I have chosen “Keyword Phrases”

Jaaxy keywords tool screenshot

As you can see I have entered the term “Keyword Phrases” in the search bar and Jaaxy has provided me with a range of data. You can probably also see that it has offered lots of similar keyword suggestions that we can test if we wish. So, what does each column mean and do we need to look for?

  • Avg – Stands for “Average” This column shows the average number of searches that a particular keyword receives a month.

  • Traffic – Is the minimum amount of visits your page should get for ranking on page one for that particular keyword.

  • QSR – Stands for “Quoted Search Results” This is actually the number of competing websites ranked in Google for this exact same keyword.

  • KQI – Stands for “Keyword Quality Indicator” Using a range of factors Jaxxy is telling us whether that particular keyword is a good keyword to target.

  • SEO – This column will show you a score based on the traffic and competition of the keyword. The higher the score, the better the keyword is to target.

What Makes A Good Keyword?

When using Jaaxy I actually only have 4 simple keyword research rules and they are the following:

  • Avg – The average search should be MORE THAN 100

  • QSR – The QSR should be LESS THAN 100

  • SEO – The seo is IN THE 90’s

  • Keyword – And that the keyword makes sense and is grammatically correct

So, looking at our 4 simple keyword rules what did Jaaxy tell us for the term “Keyword Phrases” Well it had the following. Avg:120 which was ok QSR:232 which was too high and  SEO:74 which was too low. So, let’s look for a better option how about “how to get keyword ideas” lets put that in to Jaaxy and see what we get

screenshot of how to get keyword ideas jaaxy

Wow that looks better. You can see with “how to get keyword ideas” we have Avg:355 which was great QSR:59 which was good and an SEO:93 This makes a much better keyword phrase. Ultimately, we want the keyword to have more searches and less competition.

How Do We Use Our Keywords?

Ok so now we have our keywords let’s take a quick look at how to use them. You will find thousands and thousands of pages of “experts” giving advice on SEO, (search engine optimisation) and how to use your keywords. The great news is that Google has evolved tremendously over the years and all it wants to do is find the best answers to the questions it is asked. So, let’s look at what you need to do with your keywords.

The first thing you mustn’t do is force them in your blog at every opportunity, especially to the detriment of the reader. That’s called “keyword spamming” and you don’t want to go down that road. Your readers won’t thank you for it and more importantly neither will the search engines. As a rule, though there are certain places where you should put your keywords:

Title Tag – The title tag is the title of the link that appears on search engine results pages and is different from the title page.

Page Title Quite simply this is the title of the page and is what people will see when they visit your website.

Meta Description Tag This appears in the search engine results pages underneath the title tag and gives people a more detailed summary of the content.

Text And of course within your text. Keywords should be present within the text but your goal should be to write great content that is grammatically correct that people actually want to read. So, if your keyword is only in the text once or if it is in five times don’t fret the numbers just follow the rules!

The Importance Of Keywords Research – Let’s Sum Up

I  hope that has helped you understand a bit more about the importance of keywords research and more importantly how to find and them use them. The great news is if you follow these simple rules and write great content on a regular basis you will without doubt end up with articles where you want them to be at the top of the tree on page one!

I really recommend you give Jaaxy a trail run. If you read my overview on the platform I use to build my sites you can register and give Jaaxy a go for free. After all you have nothing to lose and you might just find some keyword gold

I would love to hear your thoughts on keyword research and any other tips you feel I may have missed. And if you have given Jaaxy a test run please share your experience in the comments below.