Hi everyone and welcome to my review of Quiari. It’s not often I am asked to look at a product that is yet to fully launch but I recently received an email from a reader of my blog. They had read my review of Bonvera a health and wellness MLM company and wanted to know if I had heard of Quiari.

Apparently there is a lot of positivity pre-launch about the product and company. Although I’m not a fan of MLM’s in general due to the very low success rate I know that there are exceptions. So is Quiari different from the pack?

Will the super berry in its products make it a super success? I hopped over to their website to see what I could find. So is Quiari a super berry super MLM? Read on for my Quiari review to see what I found.

quiari homepage

Who Are Quiari?

Quiari are a brand-new company in the health and wellness niche. Their products are based on the Maqui Berry which is how the name Quiari was conceived. It’s a combination of the “QUI” from Maqui and the “ARI” from Aristotelia Chilensis which is its scientific name.

The website has the usual marketing speak that we tend to find, particularly in this sector. It is full of clichés and they say

 “our mission is to empower people to feel their best so they can live their best”.

The main people behind Quiari are Bob and Susie Reina. According to their bio’s Bob is a 10-year veteran of the police department and has over 25 years of relationship marketing experience.

Susie has served as VP of a technology network marketing company and has more than 20 years’ experience in various executive level positions.

There are two more people also listed as part of the team and that is John Neubauer who is CEO who had a senior position at Herbalife and is ex Deloitte Touche. Finally, we have Dr. Juan Hancke who is the Scientific Adviser and has specialised in medicinal plants.

I ran a quick search on each of the main members and it seems that they are all legitimate. I did find Dr Hancke referenced quite a bit when searching Maqui which is a good thing.

I also found that Bob Reina was CEO of Talk Fusion which was a less successful MLM company. However all in all it seems that Quiari are legitimate and want to do things properly. So let’s take a look at this magic berry and the products that Quiari offer.

Quiari The Products

I’m not going to delve deep and review the products themselves, not least because I don’t have any to try. What I will say is having studied nutrition in general I’m not an advocate of nutritional supplements.

So may people buy supplements hoping that they will negate the effect of their unhealthy diet. In truth if they just ate a healthy diet of unprocessed food full of grains, vegetables and fruit there would really be no need for most supplements.

That being said there is a multi-million dollar market to be tapped in to so let’s see exactly what Quiari offer. Quiaris’ products are based on the Maqui berry which is an exotic dark-purple fruit native to Chile.

It’s known as a “super fruit” due to its high antioxidant content and claims of health benefits, including reduced inflammation, blood sugar control and heart health. There are actually only 2 products in the Quiari range.

quiari shake

QUIARI SHAKE: Is a nutritional shake that according to the literature is a blend of protein, fibre, antioxidants, probiotics and 24 essential vitamins and minerals that will provide all the nutrition you need whilst satiating your hunger. Each shake costs $80 and has contains 28 servings.

quiari energy

QUIARI ENERGY: Is a tablet that it claims will boost your energy and aid weight loss. The ingredients include caffeine, green tea extract, black pepper and ginger root. They recommend that both products are taken in combination to achieve the best results. Each bottle costs $45 and contains 60 tablets

I am not going to review the products in detail or analyse the ingredients. The website carries the usual disclaimer that “the statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration”.

What I will says is the products aren’t as “natural” as the marketing would have you believe. The bright purple Quiari tablets are obviously that colour to try and make you think it is natural colouring from the berry.

Actually it is from the artificial colourant carmine made up from crushed bugs called cochineal.

And as for the key ingredient the Maqui berry there are no levels given as to the quantity each product contains. From what I can see the products are no better or worse than any other supplements on the market.

What they have going for them from a marketing perspective is that they are new. Do you need them? Absolutely not. Will people buy them? Quite possibly yes.

quiari joining package

Joining Quiari

The options for joining Quiari are pretty straightforward. To become a promotor you must pay a $25 annual fee. There are then two promotor packs that you can choose to purchase.

The starter pack costs $250 and contains 2 of each product and offers no discount on standard pricing. The Lifestyle pack cost $500 and contains 4 of each product plus an additional bottle of Quiari energy a saving $45.

The Compensation Plan

Like most MLM’s the compensation plan can often seem overly complicated at first. The good news is that Quiari have produced a pretty concise compensation plan document that explains how it works.

They also claim to be the only health and wellness company that pays within 5 minutes of a sale. Let’s try and summarise what’s on offer.

Fast Start Bonus

You can earn a commission on initial purchases when you sell a kick start combo to retail customer or sponsor a business promoter that purchases a “Starter Pack” or “Lifestyle Pack”

$25 USD for a Kickstart Combo
$50 USD for a Starter Pack
$100 USD for a Lifestyle Pack

Binary Team Commissions

Quiari commission plan is based on a binary compensation plan structure which you can see in the image below.

In theory there is no limit to the size of the network you can have. The amount you earn will depend on your rank within the system and how well each leg, (that’s each side of your network) performs.

The sales or group volume (GV) is tracked on both sides of a binary network. Quiari pay $20 commission for every 200 GV matched on both sides. This is checked and paid weekly and any leftover GV on the stronger side is carried forward to the next week.

There is a cap on commissions of $50,000 per week. There are also monthly restrictions based on your rank within the team. It all seems pretty standard for a binary network so let’s see how you can rank.

Quiari Affiliate Ranks And Bonuses

There are 10 ranks that you can work towards within the Quiari network.

QUIARI PROMOTER : – Sign up as a Quiari affiliate. Earnings capped at $500 per month
QUIARI 2K: – Required to have two active promoters and generate at least 2000 GV a month on weaker leg. Earnings capped at $1,000 per month.
QUIARI 5K: – Required to have one active 2K or above affiliate and generate at least 5000 GV a month on weaker leg. Earnings capped at $2,500 per month.
QUIARI 10K: – Required to have one active 5K or above affiliate and generate at least 10,000 GV a month on weaker leg. Earnings capped at $5,000 per month.
QUIARI 25K: – Required to have one active 10K or above affiliate and generate at least 25,000 GV a month on weaker leg. Earnings up to $10,000 per month.
QUIARI 50K: – Required to have one active 25K or above affiliate and generate at least 50,000 GV a month on weaker leg. Earnings capped at $20,000 per month.
QUIARI 100K: – Required to have one active 50K or above affiliates and generate at least 100,000 GV a month in on weaker leg. Earnings capped at $25,000 per month.
QUIARI 150K: – Required to have one active 100K or above affiliate and generate at least 150,000 GV a month on weaker leg. Earnings capped at $50,000 per month.
QUIARI 250K: – Required to have one active 150K or above affiliate and generate at least 250,000 GV a month in on weaker leg. Earnings capped at $100,000 per month.
QUIARI 500K: – Required to have one active 250K or above affiliate and generate at least 500,000 GV a month on weaker leg. Earnings capped at $200,000 per month.

Matching Bonus

Quiari also pay a Matching Bonus on residual commissions earned by personally recruited affiliates. 5K and 10K affiliates earn a 10% Matching Bonus. 25K to 100K affiliates earn a 20% Matching Bonus. 150K and over affiliates earn a 25% Matching Bonus.

Speed Bonus

Affiliates who are able to generate 1000 GV in autoship volume within 14 days of signing up, qualify for a bonus of $500.

Lifestyle Bonus

Quiari also offer a Lifestyle Bonus for 50K and higher ranked affiliates. These are as follows. 50K ranked affiliates receive $500. 100K ranked affiliates receive $1000. 150K ranked affiliates receive $1500. 250K ranked affiliates receive $2500. 500K ranked affiliates receive $5000.

Well that took a little longer to explain than I had hoped. If you want a full breakdown of the Quiari compensation plan then you can find it here.

What I like And Dislike About Quiari

So what’s good and bad about Quiari? Well there are few things that I quite like. It’s good to see an established team behind the business. The product and marketing looks professional and people do buy in to new health products.

In fact if you are looking to invest in an MLM, particularly in the health and wellness sector then Quiari could well be worth a closer look.

However I do think the products are overpriced which makes me think that the majority of sales are going to be affiliate sales rather than retail. The health and wellness sector is saturated with products which makes trying to stand out really hard.

And then there are the statistics about MLM’s themselves. A report written by Dr Jon Taylor based on 15 years’ research of more than 350 of the leading MLMs is one of the most thorough ever produced. It showed that less than 1% of participants in MLM schemes actually made a profit. It stated that;

“the results show that MLM as a business model–with its endless chain of recruitment of participants as primary customers–is flawed, unfair, and deceptive” it even said that “MLM makes even gambling look like a safe bet in comparison”

So while there are things to like about Quiari it’s not something I would invest in. I think it’s time to sum up what we have found.

Quiari Review – Let’s Sum It Up.

So time to sum up my Quiari review. Quiari appear to be a legitimate company with a good team behind them. Their products although limited are making use of some good marketing and the Maqui berry could make them stand out from the crowd.

The products appear overpriced but that is fairly typical of health and wellness products and its how substantial commissions are able to be earnt. So would I recommend Quiari?

Well personally I wouldn’t invest. I’m not keen on MLM’s and there is nothing about Quiari that changes my mind. However if you are looking to invest in an MLM particularly in the health and wellness sector then by all means take a closer look.


Or you may want to consider a different option. Affiliate marketing is how I make a living from my laptop from anywhere in the world. It’s a really simple process. No need to buy stock, recruit people or even try and sell.

You can read my overview of the platform I use. It gives step by step training and all of the tools you will ever need to create a six-figure income. Best of all its completely free to try.

Well I hope my review of Quiari was useful. If you do decide to give them a try please come back and let me know how you got in the comments below.