Hi everyone and welcome to my review of Paidera. I said in my recent review of Ipsos i-Say that I am getting more questions than ever about ways of earning a bit of extra pocket money. Survey sites or GPT (get paid to) sites are often one of the best options.

They are free to join, require no experience and although they don’t pay very highly can be done in your spare time. Although there are some fairly good survey sites like Inbox Pounds and 20 Cogs there are also poor ones like Survey Freedom and Project Payday Research.

So what about Paidera? Well it’s a fairly new site with the domain only being registered in December 2018 and its currently being shared quite a bit on social media. But that doesn’t mean it’s a worthwhile site or even legit.

I decided to sign up to take a look and see if Paidera is a scam or a way of turning your spare time in to cash. Want to know what I found? Then read on for my Paidera Review.

paidera homepage

What Is Paidera?

Paidera say they are a GPT (get paid to site) that offer various ways of earning money from home without any previous experience. Unlike many GPT sites there is no country restriction so you can sign up regardless of where you are in the world.

They say they offer instant payment and have a mobile friendly platform. The tasks they offer include sign up tasks, completing surveys, uploading video’s, referring friends and writing promotional articles.

what Paidera offer

Well that all sounds ok so far. The website itself looks pretty clean although with limited information. Also, some of the English isn’t the best which always makes me wonder about the quality and legitimacy of site.

But there is only one way to find out if Paidera is a scam or worthwhile and that is to sign up. So let’s do that next.

Signing Up With Paidera

Well the good news is it’s free to sign up with Paidera. It’s a simple process that just requires a username and email address. Once inside you can access your dashboard which tells me I have already earnt $0.50 I’m not sure why!

paidera dashboard

There are 3 main areas that we can choose from. These are Tasks, Surveys and Promotional so let’s take a look at them next.

What Tasks Do Paidera Offer?

So let’s explore the dashboard and see exactly what Paidera have to offer. First on the list are tasks. There are 3 tasks tabs and each has a range of tasks underneath.

There doesn’t seem to be any difference between them but the first thing that strikes me is how low the payment is. Plus, I wouldn’t really call these tasks.

paidera tasks

What they really are is paid offers. Normally for paid offers you can get some pretty good rewards. Sites like 20 Cogs and Inbox Pounds were paying up to $10 on certain offers. However, with Paidera you just get $0.15 per task.

I’m not sure why the payments are so low but they really aren’t worthwhile. Plus, I clicked on 3 different options and each time the link didn’t work. So not a good start!

Next on the list are surveys. This is where things seems a little strange. I have reviewed lots of survey sites and there are a few things that are consistent throughout. The number of surveys are normally limited and you need to qualify (fall within a certain demographic) to be able to take them.

This is not the case with Paidera. There is a page full of “surveys” available all with really low payment. However, to “qualify” for the vast majority you have to have referred people to Paidera.

paidera surveys

This is really unusual and not something I am happy with. There are a few 5 cent “surveys” available that don’t require referrals so I decide to take one on travel. Only it wasn’t really a survey more of a fun quiz and many of the questions didn’t even make sense.

And every time you answer a question you are bombarded with adverts. In fact, your screen is filled with ads and the “survey” is stuck in-between them so small you can hardly see it. Ok I’ve already had enough with the surveys, let’s move on to the promotional section.

There is another way that you can make money and that is by promoting Paidera. You can create a video about Paidera, upload it to YouTube and you will earn $0.15. You can also write an article and publish on a well known blog or forum and you can earn $0.20.

paidera youtube

Apart from the fact that the payment is so low I have a real issue with this. It seems that Paideras’ focus is all about driving traffic to their site. You stand a pretty good chance of getting kicked off a forum if you are blatantly trying to promote a product.

Particularly one that, from what I’ve seen so far, isn’t really up too much. And with what I have seen so far Paidera is looking far from a good option. I think it’s time to move on and see what payment options they offer.

How Do You Get Paid?

I have to say from what I have seen so far, the chances of earning much money with Paidera look pretty slim. But let’s assume that you do earn some money how easy is it to get paid? After all on their homepage they proudly boast about instant payments. They say;

“Reach the minimum pay-out threshold and request your instant payment easily, 24/7 available”

And that’s yet another problem with Paidera. Because although they have a minimum payment threshold of $20 you have to have referred more than 150 people to Paidera to qualify!

paidera paypal information

I have never experienced this despite having reviewed hundreds of sites. Yet again it seems that the focus is to drive traffic to their site.

So, for anyone without referrals the minimum threshold is $30 which will take some time if you are only earning 5 or 10 cents a survey. The only good thing is that they make payment via PayPal.

What I Like And Dislike About Paidera.

I was going to have a separate like and dislike section but unfortunately, I can’t find much I really like about Paidera. The only good things are that its free to sign up, is open to all countries and they do offer PayPal as payment method. But that was about it!

On the other hand I really dislike the emphasis on promotion and trying to get referrals. I really think this is to drive traffic to the site so they can earn more from paid advertising. I have never seen a survey site that has so many ads!

And if you can fight your way past the adverts and actually manage to complete a task or survey the payment is so low that it in my opinion it’s really a complete waste of time. I have tried to delve a little deeper in to the people behind Paidera but I was unable to find any details.

paidera domain registration

The site was registered in December 2018 but all of the contact details have been redacted for privacy. Again this is something I’m not keen on. Any reputable site should have no problem disclosing its ownership structure.

Survey site like Ipsos i-Say and Inbox Pounds are more than happy to publish details about their owners and my view is to avoid any site that isn’t happy to do so. So unfortunately there is a lot more to dislike about Paidera than like. I think it’s time to sum up what we found.

Paidera Review – Let’s Sum It Up

Paidera are a fairly new GPT site that say they offer a range of tasks so you can earn money from home. While even good survey sites will never replace an income they can at least offer a bit of extra pocket money.

However the payment offered by Paidera is about the lowest I have seen. We have no idea who owns the site and there is a heavy emphasis on attracting referrals. The surveys just don’t seem authentic to me and they are all overrun with paid advertising.

The cash out threshold is set high at $30 and the likelihood of reaching it seem pretty slim. Based on everything I have seen my recommendation would be to avoid Paidera.

If you are looking to complete surveys and earn a bit of extra pocket money then check out my survey section as there are some much better options.


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Whatever you choose I really hope my Paidera review was useful. Have you had experience with Paidera, if so was it similar to mine? Do let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you and it’s great to share information.














  • Free to sign up
  • Open worldwide
  • Offers Paypal


  • Full of adverts
  • Emphasis on referrals
  • Very limited earning potential
  • Minimum payout threshold
  • Very time consuming