Do you love to travel, to visit different countries and experience different cultures? Being stuck in the same office or environment day after day can become really tedious. It’s something I left behind years ago and promised myself I would never go back to.

But for many people the idea of travelling abroad is limited to a once a year vacation and only then if they have the funds. Well what about jobs that allow you travel the world? Believe it or not there are lots of jobs that let you travel internationally. And no, I’m not just talking about senior executives of major corporations.

There are actually a range of jobs that will let you travel the world and the great thing is many of them require very little experience. So, if you have your passport ready let’s jump on board and have a look at a few.

1.Flight Attendant

Ok so I’m starting with something obvious but bear with me. I have quite an in-depth knowledge about the life of a flight attendant as my best friend (who happens to be my ex-wife!) has been both flight attendant and then cabin manager for the last 18 years.

Like any job there are pros and cons so let’s briefly look at both. Well on the negative side the hours can be unsociable and very long. A 4.00am report for a 12-hr flight to Bangkok and having to deal with crying children, drunk passengers and the public in general are just a few of the trails of being a flight attendant and that’s before we mention the jet lag.

However, if you work for the right airline you also get to spend 3 or 4 nights in diverse wonderful locations around the world on a regular basis. You also typically get to allocate 2 “concessions travellers” who can travel for free anywhere in the world with or without you. So,what do you need to apply?

Well in the majority of cases nothing specific other than fluency in English. It is beneficial if you have a second language or a customer service background but not essential. In fact, I am going to let you in to a secret. My best friend has helped over a dozen of her friend’s secure jobs with major airlines. travel jobs cabin crew interview book

Yes, she has helped prepare their application and prep them for their interview but there is one book that she recommends above all others. It is called Interview Mastery For Cabin Crew and is by Carrie Logan. If you follow the guidance in this book then you will be well on your way to getting your wings and a job that allows you to travel. Don’t forget though, to benefit from the perk of international travel you need to be applying to a major long haul airline and not a low cost local carrier.

2.Teaching English As A Foreign Language

Something else I have experience with as I have taught English in both Thailand and Spain. So, what do you need to get started? Honestly to get started nothing more than being a native English speaker. However your country of choice and the type of work will determine what more you need.

For example, in certain countries to teach in a state school you will need a degree and previous teaching experience. In many other countries, a TEFL qualification (Teaching English As A Foreign Language) will often suffice. In Spain for example the state offers positions as teaching assistants for native English speakers and no qualification is required.

The application can be made with the British Council and the pay is around 750 euros per month for 12 hours per week. However, my recommendation is to get a TEFL qualification. The most recognised is by CELTA but there are plenty of others available. I did mine with the TEFL Academy which you can see below, (I’ve blanked out my qualification number just in case!).


The great thing is that there are ALWAYS people looking to learn English and if you have a TEFL qualification you can actually find your own students. There is also a demand for teaching online in China and if that is something that interests you then you should read my article on TEFL and ESL Online Teaching. After all this could be an option if you end up traveling to an English speaking country like Australia!

travel jobs au pair a picture of 2 children

3.Work as an Au Pair

I guess one of the best-known travel jobs particularly for younger people and primarily, but not always, women is being an au pair. Au pair work was traditionally more common in Europe but things have changed quite substantially over the past two decades and au pair jobs are now prevalent around the world.

Websites like connect au pairs to host families in countries like Australia, Spain and New Zealand. Of course, you will need to be responsible and pass some background checks. It is also important to be good with children but if you are this is a great way to travel to new countries and have work and accommodation ready when you arrive.

The work and pay will vary. Au pairs usually live with the host family and are responsible primarily for looking after children. The role can also include helping with homework, teaching English and even cooking and the salary will of course be dependent on the role and the country.

travel jobs picture of scuba diver

4.Scuba Diving Instructor

Ok so I know this isn’t for everyone and there is most certainly a cost involved in getting the relevant qualifications but if it’s your passion why not go for it? Not only could you work in some of the most beautiful countries of the world but underwater there is a whole other world for you to explore.

Scuba diving instructors would normally be expected to work for a whole season and you would need to check what work permits are required but in the majority of countries if you have the qualifications then finding work can be fairly simple. The role itself shouldn’t be too demanding as you would be expected to teach the basics of diving to new students.

Scuba diving instructors are in demand around the world with locations ranging from the cold waters of the Arctic and Antarctic to the warm waters of the Indian ocean and most others in-between.

To qualify as a scuba diving instructor with PADI you will first have to be certified as an open water diver for at least six months before you can start training. The training isn’t cheap and takes several months but once you are qualified you really do have the world to choose from, both above and below the ocean!

 5.Working on a Cruise Ship

Don’t mind being on the water and don’t get seasick? Want to see the world and get paid for it? Well how about working on a cruise ship. Your accommodation and food are included and depending on your role the salaries can be pretty good. Since cruise ships have so many services there are a range of job opportunities for people from all kinds of backgrounds.

You could be a bartender or waiter. Maybe work as a cook or cashier. How about a job in a beauty salon, health and fitness or even a performer in one of the ship’s shows? There really are a huge range of jobs to choose from. Much like the role of flight attendant it also requires hard work and great customer service but the good news is that you are given plenty of free time to explore the cities on your route.

Since cruise ships have so many services there are a range of job opportunities for people from all kinds of backgrounds.

A great site to find cruise ship jobs is where you will also find information on submitting CV’s and applying for jobs. Cruise ships depart from ports all over the world so if you fancy sailing away and seeing the world for free then why not ‘jump on board’ for a closer look!

travel jobs picture of a hit man

6.A Lucky Dip If You’re Open Minded!

So far you have five great ideas of jobs that allow you travel the World, but you know what? I first travelled around the World in 1991. Ok so I was younger (and may be a little better looking!) but you have to remember there was no internet.

I bought a one-way flight to Hong Kong with only a few hundred pounds and a lonely planet guide in my pocket. Over the next 3 years I manged to find work pretty much everywhere I went. So, if you are feeling adventurous have a look at my 10 Lucky Dip Travel Job Ideas.











Ok, ok so one of them is a joke, (I’ll let you decide which!). But the others are all alternative ways of earning some money whilst travelling the World. The best advice I can give to anyone who wants to travel is do so with a willingness to work and an open mind. You never know where it might lead you.

travel jobs work from your laptop

7.Affiliate Marketing

I left affiliate marketing until last for a couple of reasons. The first is because while all of the options we have listed are great you will pretty much always be working for someone else. With affiliate marketing you get to be your own boss and for me that is much more rewarding.

Of course it does mean that YOU have to do the work. But if you are entrepreneurial, hard working and motivated the opportunities are pretty much limitless.

The second reason is of course Affiliate Marketing is how I make a living working from anywhere with just my laptop and an internet connection. For me it really is the ultimate job that allows you to travel.

So, what is affiliate marketing? Well if you have bought anything online and read any reviews to help you decide prior to buying it is more than likely that you have participated in affiliate marketing. Why? because affiliate marketing is about connecting people with what they are looking for.

Let me give you an example I am a qualified nutritionist and I am also vegan and eat a plant based diet. So, on one of my blogs I give advice to people who want to know more about the subject. In one article, I list my top 10 vegan books for beginners.

If you read my article, decide to buy one of the books and click on my “affiliate link” it will take you through to Amazon who will pay me a commission. It really is that simple.

The beauty is that you can create an affiliate marketing business within any niche that you choose. It really can be anything, maybe you love fishing or playing basketball or perhaps surfing or mountain biking, there are millions of topics to choose from.

So how do you go about it? Well first you choose your ‘niche’. Then you build a website and engage with people writing about the products you like and dislike. You can see the process in the diagram below.

affiliate marketing process diagram

Affiliate marketing really can give you the flexibility to travel the world and be your own boss. The only thing you need is a laptop an internet connection and the ability to write engaging content.

Like everything though there is a right and a wrong way to build your business. If you want to be successful then you need the right foundations which is why I recommend Wealthy Affiliate to anyone wanting to build their own site and affiliate business.

Without doubt they offer the best step by step training programme as well as mentoring community and all of the tools you need to build your own successful affiliate marketing business online.

You can read my Wealthy Affiliate Overview and see why I recommend it over all other platforms. The great thing is you get to try them completely for free.

Jobs That Allow You To Travel, Let’s Sum It Up

I really hope you have at least been a little inspired by some of the jobs I have suggested that will allow you to travel the World. If you have the desire to travel then I really encourage you to do it. The experiences of different cultures, languages, food, scenery and more will stay with you a lifetime.

And if you go with an open mind you never know where it might lead you. Have you travelled and tried any of my travel jobs? Maybe you have some better options that I should have added to the list. If so please share them below. I love to hear from you and it’s great to share. And don’t forget if you have a question I will always get back to you.