Today I am going to delve in and take a look at a company called Noble 8 Revolution. I was told about them by someone researching making money online with personal development courses.

Apparently Noble 8 Revolution run a “Life Mastery Academy” that focus on teaching high impact personal growth and development. But what really made them unique was that 10% of their revenue is given back to charitable causes.

The say their mission is to give over 1 billion dollars to charitable causes around the world. But are they really what they seem? Do they live up to their noble name or is Noble 8 Revolution a scam? If you want to know what I found then read on.

What Is Noble 8 Revolution?

As always the first stop is the company’s homepage so I head on over to take a look. Well my first impressions aren’t all that good. For a company that claims its mission is to give over $1 billion to charity it seems fairly light on detail.

If I click on the founders tab it brings up the 2 founders Mark Campese and Blaine Williams however there are no more details about the organisation, where they are based and how they are structured. In fact by looking up the website registration it first appeared in December 2017.

At that time there was a 3rd member Jim Anderson who has since left Noble 8 Revolution. The charity section is also very sparse with just some generic information about the goals of donating $1 billion in what they call their 8 pillars.

These are 8 different charitable areas which they say that they will donate to which you can see below.

And what about the product and service offered by Noble 8 Revolution? After all these are the courses that we are going to have to complete and eventually sell to make money. This is all part of the Noble 8 Revolution Life Mastery Academy so I think we need to take a closer look.

The Noble 8 Revolution Courses

So what are the Noble 8 Revolution Courses? Well they call them the Life Mastery Academy. Apparently there are a range from E-courses, digital downloads, motivation speeches, weekend leadership and development retreats, ultra-luxurious resort destination cruises and educational and empowerment’s vacations.

noble 8 courses

Wow that was quite a mouthful so are they any good? Well I can’t comment on the quality of the courses because we get absolutely no details about them. In fact from here on in its here where Noble 8 Revolution is starting to look a bit too much like a pyramid scheme.

Often we find that the quality of the training has very little value and that’s particularly the case with these kinds of personality development courses. The cost from level to level tends to increase dramatically and the courses are there just as a way of trying to justify the escalating costs.

From here on in all we hear about is Noble 8 Revolutions Compensation Plan, how much it costs to join and how much we can earn.

The Noble 8 Revolution Compensation Plan

So there were 3 simple steps to get going with Noble 8 Revolution. Step one was to buy in to their vison of raising $1 billion for charity. Step two was to purchase the entry level Life Mastery Academy course for just $25 and step three was to get at least 3 people to do the same.

And its step 3 where Noble 8 Revolution starts to look more and more like a pyramid scheme. After purchasing the first course for $25 you will then have to go and recruit three other people to do the same.

From here on in it is all about recruiting more and more people and earning more commissions. There are 4 different campuses. The Novice Campus, Apprentice Campus, Mentor Campus and Master Mentor Campus. The higher campuses will allow you to earn more money.

You can see from the 4 levels that this is all about recruiting and getting to the next level. The more people that you recruit the more you earn. I found a video online that explains the compensation plan in more detail and you can also see the complete compensation plan on their site here.

Basically you have to complete at least course 2 in one campus before you can buy in to the next one. Overall, you will need at least 8 personal sales to qualify for the highest campus, which is the Master Mentor Campus. And the cost if you do decide to try and get that far?

An amazing $11,325. Again ask yourself what are you buying for the $11,325 because I am absolutely sure it’s not the courses. Infact you can get a ticket to a Tony Robbins personal development weekend seminar for around $2000.

No I’m afraid what from what I can see Noble 8 Revolution is all about recruiting people, filling up levels and earning commissions and I have to be honest I don’t really like it.

But Can You Earn And Will You Get Paid?

I know the potential earnings may look really high but in realty this is just hype on what looks to be to be a business model rife with flaws and low in quality. I have seen this time and again in recent reviews with comapnies like 30 Day Success Formula, Daily Profits and far to many others.

For me it places far too much emphasis on recruitment rather than the quality of its courses, so much so that we don’t even know what they consist of. Another red flag is Noble 8 Revolutions own earnings disclaimer.

They say, “Your level of success in attaining the results claimed in our materials depends on the time you devote to the program, ideas and techniques mentioned, your finances and knowledge.”

Even more worryingly they go on to state that by “Making decisions based on any information presented in our products, services or web site that you could experience significant losses, or make no income at all

noble 8 revolution earnings disclaimer

Ok you may say that these are fairly standard disclaimers. But that, along with the whole structure of what I have seen so far at Noble 8 Revolution just doesn’t give me any confidence so I think it’s time to sum up what I’ve found.

Is Noble 8 Revolution A Scam? – Let’s Sum It Up

For a company that claims its goal is to donate over $1b to charities it doesn’t seem to have  great deal of substance. Despite giving us the names of the men behind the company we don’t have much more information. And why the emphasis on Noble 8 Revolution and giving to charity?

Well I can’t say for sure but the cynic in me says that it is nothing more than a marketing ploy. There has been a huge growth in both personal and corporate responsibility and whilst that’s a good thing companies recognise that they can benefit form being associated with good causes.

I’m not suggesting that Noble 8 Revolution don’t donate to charity just that I get the feeling that it really isn’t their primary goal.

The business model itself is so heavily focused on recruitment and selling. We are given detailed breakdowns of the commissions and amazing sums that can be earnt but no real details about the courses themselves and I suspect that is because they are really of little or no value.

For me to all intense and purposes Noble 8 Revolution looks just like a pyramid scheme. However in summing up Noble 8 Revolution I will say that I didn’t pay the $25 to buy in to the first level.

As such I am NOT prepared to call Noble 8 Revolution A Scam. What I will say is based on everything I have seen my recommendation would be to avoid Noble 8 Revolution.

Have you had experience of Nobel 8 Revolution or similar schemes. Was your experience similar to mine. Do let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you and it’s great to share information.