Hi everyone and welcome to my review of isXperia where I try and find out if isXperia is a scam, a worthwhile investment or maybe something I between. I recently wrote a blog on another site of mine about CBD oils. I received a question from a reader asking if I had heard of the company Xip4Life.

Apparently they are a MLM company that supply a range of CBD products that offer a great compensation plan and earning potential. What they couldn’t understand was the link between Xip4Life and isXperia as they seem to be the same company with very similar websites but different products and urls’s.

So I decided to take a look at isXperia to find out what the relationship is between them and Xip4Life. I looked at the products, the compensation plan, the pros and cons and the likelihood of success. So is isXperia a scam or a legitmate opportunity? Let’s jump in and take a look.

isxperia homepage

Who Are isXperia?

So let’s start at the beginning and find out a bit more about isXperia before we head of and look at Xip4Life. IsXperia call themselves a lifestyle and relationship marketing company. The CEO and founder is Christopher Bratta who has over 25 years’ experience in direct selling MLM industries.

According to the website he founded isXperia in 2010 although I did run a check on the domain and it was actually registered 3 years early in 2007. So put simply isXerpia is a MLM company that offers a range of health and wellness products.

The very salesy promotional video says that they have one singular goal “to help you become successful”. In the video it says the company was founded in 2007 which contradicts the about us section of the website but ties in with the domain registration.

The test will come when we have a look at the products and try and determine where the majority of isXperia revenue is generated. Does it come from retail sales or via affiliate recruitment?

Either way at least they have been around for a while so taken at face value that’s seems a good thing. So what about Xip4Life?

isxperia xip4life homepage

Who Are Xip4Life?

Things at Xip4Life aren’t quite so straightforward. It looks like the company was launched in 2015. Certainly the domain was registered in July of that year and Christopher Bratta is named as joint founder along with Kalpesh Patel. It would appear that Xip4Life failed after only a couple of years with some people calling it a Ponzi scheme.

Kalpesh Patel is no longer involved and in the second half of 2018 Christopher Bratta restructured the company and linked it with isXperia offering the same compensation plan but focusing on CBD products.

So basically the two companies are one and the same but you need to purchase the CBD oils through Xip4Life and the health, wellness and other products from isXperia. I’m not sure why they are being kept separate.

I would have thought that it would make more sense to have all of your products under one brand (isXperia) and distance yourself from the failed brand (Xip4Life). But hey it’s not my company so I’m sure they have their reasons. That’s about all I can find on Xip4Life so let’s take a look at those products and the compensation plans.

The Products

I’m not going to delve to deeply in to the products. After all without purchasing and trying them out I can’t comment on the quality. What we can do however is look at the diversity and cost of what’s on offer.

The products on the isXperia site are split in to the 5 categories which you can see in the image below.

isxperia products

My first thought is that there aren’t really a great deal of products. There are 3 in the energy section, 1 in sleep, 6 in weight management, 12 in skin and 2 in coffee and tea. A total of 24 products. And they are not cheap.

I randomly picked the DNA youth serum from the skin section and it retails at $80 for a 15ml tube. This isn’t a bad thing as it may mean that the majority of revenue is generated by retail sales rather than via recruitment.

If that is the case it would make it a more sustainable and more attractive business model. Although without brand awareness trying to sell a tiny face cream for $80 won’t be easy! Next we have the Xip4Life site.

As we said before the sole focus of this site is CBD products. The products on the Xip4Life site are split in to the 6 categories which you can see below.

In total there are 20 products across the 6 categories and again they are not cheap. The first product I looked at was one of their 30ml hemp oils that retails at $99! Like I said I am happy that they have retail products and I can’t comment on the quality but I do wonder how easy they will be to sell.

I think what we need to do is take a look at the compensation plan in a bit more detail to see how it works. But first what does it cost to join isXperia?

What Does It Cost To Join isXperia?

The minimum cost of becoming an affiliate member is just $60 however there are no products included with this option. There are 3 affiliate packages available and they are as follows:

SWEET PACK – This package will cost $200 but comes with $370 worth of isXperia products or $226 worth of Xip4Life products
SWEETER PACK  – This package will cost $400 but comes with $680 worth of isXperia products or $583 worth of Xip4Life products
SWEETEST PACK – This package will cost $600 but comes with $990 worth of isXperia products or $874 worth of Xip4Life products.

If you decided to just buy the affiliate membership for $60 you will still have to buy the products to sell. There is a minimum requirement of $60 worth of sales per month to remain eligible for affiliate commissions.

So bear in mind if you are not selling any products you will be required to buy $60 worth yourself if you want to remain eligible.

The Compensation Plan.

Like many MLM compensation plans the isXperia plan seems overly complicated and I’m not going to break down all of the details here. If you want to dig in to the detail there is a video below with Christopher Bratta explaining about their products and compensation plan. There is also a link here where you can see their compensation plan in full.

However there are various ways of earning money with isXperia so let’s try and summarise the for you. The first is retail commissions. This is the easiest part to understand as it is simply earning a commission for selling the products. If you sell a product to a customer you earn 20% of the retail price. So that’s pretty simple!

Recruitment commissions. This is where things start to get a little more complicated and there are various ways you can earn from your recruits. The first is the 50% package bonus where you earn a 50% commission when your recruit purchases one of the starter packs.

Next is the residual income and where the MLM structure comes in to play. isXperia operates a binary commission structure which looks like the following image.

isxperia binary mlm compensation plan

In theory there is no limit to the size of the network you can have because there is no limit to the amount of recruits. The amount you earn will depend on your rank within the system and how well each leg, (that’s each side of your network) performs.

Residual commissions are calculated based on generated sales volume across the binary team each week. isXperia also pay what they call a Check Match Bonus. This is based on the performance of your two highest personally recruited affiliates and the amount you earn will also depend on your own rank.

Finally there is what isXperia call their Diamond Quest Bonus. You will need to have reached a 3-star silver rank and how much you can earn will depend on a range of factors.

Again for more details of what seems an overly complicated compensation plan I recommend that you watch the video or download the full plan from their website. Ok so what does all this mean?

After all what we want to know is whether or not isXperia is a scam. So what can we make of what we’ve found?

Is isXperia A Scam Or A Legit Opportunity?

Well the first thing to say is unlike my recents reviews of Midasama and Easy Cash Club  in my opinion isXperia is not a scam. They have been around for at least 9 years, have a range of retail products and are honest about their ownership and business location.

CBD products are really hot right now and is definitely a vibrant profitable market to be involved in. However there are quite few things that I’m not so keen on. Let’s start with those products. The prices seem pretty high for what is essentially an unknown brand.

It seems to me that the focus is on recruiting people in to the scheme with the products being secondary. What would be really interesting to see is what volume of sales are made outside of the affiliate network. I suspect the number is pretty low.

Other than the minimum monthly $60 there appears to be no other product sales targets with affiliates only required to recruit in order to progress through the isXperia compensation plan.

This means it’s pretty likely that the majority of isXperia’s revenue is going to be coming from monthly affiliate orders. Then there is the fact that all of the CBD products are marketed through the Xip4Life site. I guess in reality it’s not a problem but I’m just not sure why.

And finally there are the statistics about MLM’s themselves. A detailed report written by Dr Jon Taylor and available on the FTC site is one of the most rigorous and thorough analysis of MLM profitability ever conducted.

It is based on 15 years’ research and analysis of the compensation plans of over 350 of the leading MLMs, as well as average earnings data. The results showed that less than 1% of participants in MLM schemes actually made a profit. It stated that;

“the results show that MLM as a business model–with its endless chain of recruitment of participants as primary customers–is flawed, unfair, and deceptive” they even said that “MLM makes even gambling look like a safe bet in comparison”

So is isXperia a scam? No but it doesn’t mean it’s something I would personally recommend so let’s sum up what we found.

Is isXperia A Scam? – Let’s Sum It Up

Ok so let’s sum up what we have found. In my opinion isXperia is a legitmate MLM opportunity. They are an established company with a range of available retail products. In essence isXperia and Xip4Life are the same company but the CBD products are sold via Xip4Life and the remaining health and wellness products via isXperia.

The compensation plan is typical of most MLM’s and my main reservation would be that the primary income stream would appear to be from affiliate recruitment rather than retail sales.

So would I recommend isXperia? Well personally I wouldn’t invest. I’m not keen on MLM’s and there is nothing about isXperia that changes my mind. However if you are looking to invest in an MLM then by all means take a closer look.

Or you may want to consider a different option. I make a living from affiliate marketing. This is where you earn a commission just by adding a unique link to a product. For example the article I wrote on Vegan CBD products earnt me over $250 last month and for no cost.

All I did was write an article, added a link to the products and every time someone read my article, clicked on the link and purchased an item I earnt 20%. If that’s something that interests you then read my review of the platform that I use to host and build my sites and earn a full-time income online. Well I hope my review has been useful. Have you had experience of isXperia? If so do let me know in the comments below.