An invitation to join a “brand new” website popped up in my inbox this morning. It’s called Eazy Dollars and promises that I can earn money  just by sharing links on social media. Not only that but there is a $25 bonus just for signing up.

Sound too good to be true? Well yes to be honest. Plus is this really a new site? Because it sounds almost exactly like Clout Pay and MVPBucks both which promised exactly the same thing.

So is Eazy Dollars a scam and really just an updated version of these old sites? Or is it brand new and can you really earn a fortune sharing links on social media? I headed over to their site to take a look. Read my Eazy Dollars review to see what I found.

Eazy Dollars Homepage

The Eazy Dollars Homepage

So I head on over to the Eazy Dollars homepage and we are told once again that we will receive $10 for every friend we invite to their website plus a $25 sign up bonus. Having reviewed so many sites this is immediately a red flag.

Please ask yourself, do you really think any site can afford to pay you what is in essence $35 for an email because that is what each one will cost them.

I am already almost 100% certain that Eazy Dollars is a scam because it has exactly the same layout and details as both Clout Pay and MVPBucks which we discovered were data harvesting scams. But let’s continue and check it anyway.

a diagram of the eazy dollars 3 step system

As I scroll down we see more claims about how easy it is just to share your link, get friends to sign up and get paid for it. We then see claims that Eazy Dollars work with some major brands including Burger King, McDonalds and Wendy’s.

This is exactly the same claim made by CloutPay and we know that was a Lie. They use these fake claims to try and give a sense of legitimacy. Finally we see some written testimonials telling us how easy it is to make money. Unlike Clout Pay there are no video testimonials.

Probably because we found out they were fake and just paid actors. But I will come back to these testimonials later. Now its time to sign up and have a look at the members area.

Inside The Eazy Dollars Members Area

So I enter my email address and I am immediately taken inside the members area of Eazy Dollars. You can see in the picture below it is already showing my $25 bonus and is asking me to enter a payment method so I can get paid.

eazy dollars members area homepage

Normally at this stage of a review I would not make recommendations. However as I am almost certain that Eazy Dollars is just an updated version of Clout Pay and MVPBucks I would not recommend that you sign up as I really believe you could be putting your data at risk.

I have some outlook email accounts that I set up especially for checking out sites like Eazy Dollars. If you really want to try out Eazy Dollars then I suggest you at least make sure that you use a unique password or set up an email just for them.

Ok so back to the members area. Well I know I keep saying it but it is identical to Clout Pay. We have the same layout and tasks which will supposedly earn us money.

These include sharing our link getting people to sign up. A $30 task wall where there are additional tasks we can undertake to earn money. And a YouTube submission where we can earn $50.

eazy dollars youtube tasks

I am not going to look at all of these in details as I have already done so in my CloutPay review. But let’s just have a quick look at the YouTube submission. Again this is an identical task. We are told that all we have to do is make a 1 minute video saying how great Eazy Dollars is and they will pay us $50.

Do you know how crazy this sounds, $50 for a 1 minute video? The thing is people will do this and see the $50 added to their Eazy Dollars account. There will then be videos on YouTube saying how great Eazy Dollars is.

Unfortunately it’s just not the case. Because you see you will never be able to cash out your money. Eazy Dollars will make some excuse not to pay. Normally it’s to tell you that you have committed “click fraud” and your earnings have been voided.


Eazy Dollars Red Flags

Let’s just put to one side for a minute that Eazy Dollars is just an updated version of Clout Pay and look a little bit closer at some of the things on their site. Let’s start with those testimonials. The first one is from Maria who claims to have earned over $25k since October, not bad just for sharing few links!

eazy dollars testimonal

Next we have Kenneth who says he has earnt over $30k in just over a year and tells us that Eazy Dollars never miss a payment. The things is there is no Kenneth or Maria and these claims are complete rubbish.

How do I know? Well because the Eazy Dollars website was only registered at the end of April making it less than 3 months old at the time of writing.

I have already mentioned the use of big brand logos. Having checked on their sites I can find no record of any of them ever working with Eazy Dollars. Then we have the claims that they have paid out over $55 million to 250k members.

Well if they have done that in less than 3 months it makes them worth over $250 million per year. A company that size should be easy to find but there is nothing anywhere about Eazy Dollars or its owners.

Then we come to the “payment proof” We are shown supposed screenshots of happy members showing off their Eazy Dollars payments.

More fake claims I’m afraid. You see the middle claim of a payment of $650 was supposedly made on 8 October 2018 when Eazy Dollars didn’t even exist. And finally none of their content or social media links work.

If you click on the links you are just taken back to the homepage. I have seen more than enough to convince me that Eazy Dollars really isn’t legit, so what is it really about?

What Is Eazy Dollars Really About?

Before I say what I think Eazy Dollars is really about I have to say I have no proof other than what I have seen on their site and the fact that it appears to be an updated version of both CloutPay and MVP Bucks.

That being the case I think that Eazy Dollars is almost certainly what is known as a data harvesting scam where they will try and collect as many emails and passwords a possible. And why would they want to do this?

Well there can be various reasons. Often data such as emails are sold on for marketing purposes. If this is the case the worse that will happen is you might receive spam emails.

People often use the same email/password combination on sites they visit. If you have used a comination like this with Eazy Dollars I highly recommend you change the password.

However there is a risk that either the people behind Eazy Dollars or anyone they sell your details to will try and find accounts associated with your name and email address and try and break in to them for financial gain.

Therefore if you have signed up with Eazy Dollars I recommend that as a minimum you change any password that is associated with the email you used to sign up. And if you have used that email as a login for other sites change it for an alternative.

Is Eazy Dollars A Scam? Let’s Sum It Up

So is Eazy Dollars a scam? Well even though there is no fee to sign up I would have to say yes. It is a direct copy of Clout Pay and MVP Bucks and that on its own would be enough for me to advise anyone to avoid it.

Having signed up and looked closely at their site my advice would be to stay well clear of Eazy Dollars and any site that promises easy money with little or no work.

I really hope you haven’t signed up to Eazy Dollars but if you did what was your experience? Did you end up receiving lots of spam emails? Were you able to cash out your sign-up bonus?

I would love to hear something positive but I don’t think it’s likely. Either way please do let me know in the comments below, it’s great to share information and if you have a question I will always get back to you.


I hope that sites like Eazy Dollars don’t put you off looking for a way to earn money online. The truth is that making good money online just isn’t that easy but the good news is that it is possible. It just needs the right training and some work. If your serious about earning good money online and prepared to put in some work then you should read my review of the platform I use. You can try it out and get started completely for free.

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  • None that I can see


  • No idea who owns site
  • Giving away personal data
  • Full of false claims
  • Has fake testimonials
  • You will likely get spammed