Today I am looking at a company called Club Cash Fund. I seem to be receiving more questions than ever from people about different online business opportunities. That’s great news because it means they are reading my blog!

My aim is to honestly look at ways of earning money online and give tips and recommendations based on what I see. What I’ve seen recently is a host of money making schemes that involve sending cash in the post. Schemes like 30 Day Success Formula and Too Damn Easy.

Well none of these “opportunities” sit very well with me and they are all schemes that I would avoid. So what about Club Cash Fund? I was asked if I have heard of them and if would I recommend them. Apparently there are plenty of positive reviews on YouTube and it’s a simple way to make money with “free money being sent to your mailbox”.

The thing is that yet again it requires sending cash via the mail. Like I say that doesn’t sit well with me but with an open mind I decided to head on over and take  a look. So is Club Cash Fund a scam or a legit money earner? Want to know what I found? Then read on for my Club Cash Fund review.

What Is Club Cash Fund?

So I head on over to the website url that I was given but I’m unable to login or even sign up without having been referred. So I decide to check out some of those positive YouTube videos and low and behold there is a referral link in the description.

I click on the link and am immediately taken to the signup page you can see above. It asks us “what’s more fun than getting money in the mail?” and we are told that its “super simple stupid to get cash delivered everyday like clockwork”.

Like I said I’m not a fan of any business model that involves sending cash in the post but I like to think I’m open minded so I sign up.

club cash fund picture of owner

I am taken to a page where I am asked to watch a short video from Chad the owner who tells us how simple the system is. All I have to do is call and listen to a pre-recorded message.

Once I have done this I just enter my mailing address and I will be sent a kit to get started. And what is the message? Well it’s a simple automated sales pitch telling us again what a great opportunity this is along with some testimonials.

It tells us how we mustn’t miss out and to make sure we enter our name, address and contact details so we can receive our free starter pack. And what’s in the free starter pack? Well a set of instructions that basically tell you how the system works and to insert a $100 bill in to a prepaid envelope and send it off.

How Does Club Cash Fund Work?

Ok so if you decide you want to risk sending cash in the post, (which rules me out), how do you actually make money? I mean what is the product that you are buying? Well the simple answer is that there is no product.

The only way of making money is by recruiting other people in to the scheme which at best makes it an MLM. However as there is no tangible product it would appear to be a pyramid scheme or to be more accurate a cash gifting scheme.

This is why your request for a starter kit has your referrers details on so they can earn a commission for recruiting you.

So how does it work? Well for me to sign up I was asked to send $100 but there are quite a few YouTube videos that state $80. Either way it works pretty much like this. You mail your $100 which goes to the company and your name will be added to a list. With $100 buy in there are 5 people on the list:

POSITION 1: – is the person who recruited you.
POSITION 2: – is the person who recruited them.
POSITION 3: – is the person who recruited position 2.
POSITION 4: – company rotator.
POSITION 5: – is the company.

So $20 of the $100 goes to each position on the list. Your name then goes into position 1 and the previous position 1 goes to 2, position 2 goes to 3 and the person who was in position 3 gets removed with 4 and 5 remaining the same.

In fact one of their members explains the system in his YouTube video below but does it with $80 which removes position 4. If I’m honest I’m not sure why there are 2 options maybe it has changed from $80 to $100?

And how do you recruit people? Well Club Cash Fund do provide some training in the member’s area on generating leads with social media, YouTube and email marketing. But ask yourself what are you actually promoting?

Really just the opportunity to send cash in the post to hopefully receive more cash back. That really is the definition of cash gifting. So at this stage I have to tell you that I’m not prepared to get involved with Club Cash Fund which means I won’t call it  a scam.

But certainly it’s something I personally would avoid. But before I sum up everything I found, let’s take a closer look at the company and see if you can make any money.

Can You Make Money With Club Cash Fund?

Before we answer that lets just see if we can find out who is behind Club Cash Fund. The guy in the video says his name is Chad and delving a little deeper it appears the man behind Club Cash Fund is actually Chad Stalvey.

If that is the case a Chad Stalvey has been involved in similar schemes including Infinite Leverage System, Traffic Authority and Finish Line Network all of which are now closed down. I have to say that this is not confirmation that he did anything wrong or that Club Cash Fund is a scam but it is another tick in the avoid box for me.

So coming back to the original question can you make money with Club Cash Fund? Well if you’re at the top of the pyramid possibly yes. Like any pyramid scheme if you are at the top and have enough recruits under you then you will likely make money.

The thing is it’s just not a sustainable or in my eyes ethical business model. Because when recruitment dries up the business will collapse and those lower down the chain will end up losing their money.

Is Cash Club Fund A Scam? Let’s Sum It Up

Whilst I won’t call Club Cash Fund a scam it is something I personally would avoid. Any kind of MLM where the focus is recruiting people but there is no tangible product is one to be avoided because it just not sustainable.

Sure at the top of the pile you may make money but what about those lower down or at the bottom when it eventually collapses? Club Cash Fund really has all the hallmarks of a cash gifting scheme and that along with the chequered history of the owner is enough for me to recommended you avoid it.

Then of course ther is sending cash in the post to complete strangers. Does that really sound like a sustainable legitimate business? But hey I’m sure some people will be happy to take the risk and of course that is their right.

My review of Cash Club Fund is based on what I have found and my expectations of a legitimate company. For me there are so many better alternatives to making money. But whatever you decide I hope this really review was useful.