I received a funky looking invitation in my inbox this morning. It was from an email address that I didn’t recognise and it invited me to sign up to a company called Clout Pay. According to the small infographic I could make $500 today. All I had to do was sign up for free and immediately earn $25 dollars.

It says I can “make money like my favourite Instagrammer” strange because I don’t have one but hey! All I have to do is share referral links with friends and I can immediately cash out my earnings. Now I’ll be honest I have reviewed lots of sites, some very good and many very bad.

This invitation sounds far too good (or should I say bad!) to be true. You just don’t get $25 for filling in an email address. And claims of making $500 today, well it just doesn’t happen from day one. But if you have read any of my reviews you will know I like to investigate with an open mind. So is Clout Pay a scam or easy money? I headed over to the site to find out

clout pay homepage

The Clout Pay Homepage

So I head on over to the Clout Pay homepage and I see the same claim of make $500 Today. They say that they are “the No 1 influencer network and I can earn $10-$15 dollars for every friend I invite”. Not only that but I get a $25 bonus for just signing up.

Further down the screen it tells us how Clout Pay works. Apparently, all I have to do is sign up and invite my friends to do the same and I will get paid $10 for every person that signs up. Nothing to buy and nothing to do. You know the old saying if its sound too good to be true it probably is.

I carry on down the page and come to a section that tells us that Clout Pay have a network of over 300,000 members who have earned over $44million and that they have had coverage from major sources such as Forbes and Fox News. We then see logos of brands that they supposedly work with including McDonalds and Wendys.

I’m going to stop there becuase all of the claims I am seeing are Red Flags to me. It looks very much like they want you to sign up and refer friends to capture your email address and data and those of your referrals.  This is what is known as data harvesting.

So you know what I’ll give them what they want. After all I have an email account especially set up for testing sites. So I’m going to take an even closer look. Is Clout Pay a scam? Let’s continue and try and find out.

Inside The Clout Pay Members Area

So I sign up with my “special” email address and immediately receive a welcome message and referral link. I’m told this is the place where I am going to earn a lot of money.

clout pay welcome screen

I will get paid $2 for everyone that clicks my link and $10 for everyone that signs up. I have to say I really don’t like this. I know it sounds really tempting and they are not asking for any money. But they are basically telling us they will pay us a lot of money for doing nothing. Anyway I continue. In the Clout Pay dashboard we see a list of tasks.

clout pay members dashboard

These include sharing your referral link with promotional posts on social media. Creating YouTube videos talking about how great Clout Pay is and finally filling in surveys. Let’s look at these a bit closer.

Clout Pay YouTube Submission

We are told that all we have to do is subscribe to the Clout Pay YouTube channel and produce a 1 minute video and we will get paid $50. Do you know how crazy this sounds? I know it may be tempting to try. After all you may be thinking what do I have to lose if its free?

clout pay youtube submission

I think lots of people have had similar thought because the Clout Pay YouTube channel has over 55k subscribers. What’s interesting is that they only have 8 videos and 6 of those are testimonials which we will talk about later because they are FAKE.

What you have to lose are your personal details. Your Clout Pay dashboard may show your “earnings” but I’m afraid to tell you you’ll never be paid.

Clout Pay Link Sharing

Another task is to share our Clout Pay link, whenever and wherever possible and we are told will get paid $2 every time it’s clicked and $10 for every sign up. Oh and while I’m writing this a pink elephant just flew past my window.

Sorry but it’s hard not to be a little sarcastic. Interestingly this link is already banned from Facebook and by trying to add it to other forms of social media you are really just spamming.

clout pay promotional links

This is a good way to get your accounts banned and I’m afraid to say it will be for nothing as you won’t be getting any money from Clout Pay

Clout Pay Task Wall And Surveys

Theses links do actually take you through to 3rd party sites where you can undertake tasks like filling in surveys. However they are full of CPA affiliate links which means the people behind Clout Pay actually get paid when you click through and perform a specific action.


Clout Pay Red Flags

If you read my reviews you will know I like to sign up and thoroughly test sites. I will admit I have not done this with Clout Pay because I do not want to share their links because of all of the Red Flags.

So although I have not been denied payment by Clout Pay I feel very confident saying that you won’t get paid. This is not just because of the crazy payment claims but a host of additional Red Flags as well. Let’s take a look at them below.

Fake Testimonials

I mentioned these testimonials earlier. Testimonials are a really powerful tool to help build consumer confidence, your brand and your business. If you do a great job or offer a great service then genuine testimonials are easy to come by.

Which is why it is always a HUGE RED FLAG to me when I see fake testimonials. If we click on the video testimonial tab we are taken to different videos of “members” telling us how great Clout Pay is.

clout pay fake testimonials

The thing is these are all paid actors. I have seen most of them before giving testimonials to other companies many of whom are also scams. Let’s just take the women in the top right picture and the guy in the bottom left. Both of them have profiles on the freelance site fiverr offering their services as a video spokesperson.

I always add the caveat that I don’t blame them. They are just reading from a script and acting. But I don’t trust any site that uses fake testimonials. It just tells me that they don’t have any genuine ones.

Launched In 2015 Working With Established Brands

Accordingly to their website Clout Pay was launched in 2015 and have been featured in Forbes and Fox news. Thy say they also work with brands like McDonalds and Wendy’s. The thing is I have searched all of these brands and cannot find one reference to Clout Pay.

clout pay domain registration details

What’s more interesting is that when I do a domain name registration search it shows that at the time of writing their domain is only 34 days old.

Insecure With No Contact Or Owners

According to Clout Pay we have access to 24/7 support. My dashboard tells me that my contact is called Skylar and I can contact her by either Skype or email. But whenever I try and send an email it immediately gets returned.

But that’s not all because every page that I visited in the Clout Pay site was flagged by my anti-virus software as being a risk to my personal information.

The social links at the foot of their page don’t work and their contact page just says server not found. I have tried to find out who owns Clout Pay but with no success. To be honest we could go ever further with Clout Pay but I’ve already spent enough time.

In fact in the day since I signed up with Clout Pay I have already received a dozen spam emails about secret money making systems. So I really think it’s time to sum up Clout Pay and what we have found.

Is Clout Pay A Scam? Let’s Sum It Up

So is Clout Pay a scam? Well although there is no fee I would not recommend signing up with Clout Pay. The whole site and its ethos of link sharing is all about data capture and getting as many peoples details as they can. These will then either be sold on or used to entice people in to a scam were money is required.

I will state now categorically that I didn’t complete the tasks because a minimum of 5 sign ups were required before we could actually claim our payment. However with all of the Red Flags I am very confident that Clout Pay is nothing more than a data harvesting scam and that you won’t get paid.


We have no idea who the owners are and as such my advice would be to Avoid Clout Pay. Have you had experience with Clout Pay, if so was it similar to mine? Do let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you and it’s great to share information. Don’t forget if you have any questions I will always get back to you.

Clout Pay













  • Free


  • No idea who owns site
  • Giving away personal data
  • Full of false claims
  • Has fake testimonials
  • You will likely get spammed