Hi everyone and welcome to my review of Bonvera where I try and find out if Bonvera is a scam, a worthwhile investment or something in between. I’ll be honest I have never been a fan of MLM business’s for various reasons. However I am aware that there are some established legitimate MLM opportunities out there.

So over the next few weeks my aim is to sort through the good and the bad and see what I can find. I recently reviewed isXperia and found a legitimate MLM opportunity all be it not one I would personally invest it. What it did highlight was the amount of MLM business that are involved in the health and wellness sector.

Bonvera is another one of those so I wanted to check out their products and compensation plan and see if they were worthwhile joining. So is Bonvera a scam or a legit MLM opportunity? Let’s jump in and take a look.

Who Are Bonvera?

Bonvera is a premium health, wellness and lifestyle MLM company that offers a range of natural, physician formulated products that help you look and feel your best. Well that’s pretty much what they say on their website! But let’s look at their background.

According to their website the idea behind Bonvera was born all the way back in 2004 but took until 2016 for the dream to be realised. The initial structure appears to have been short-lived with the company undertaking an ownership and leadership change in 2018 and relocating to Knoxville, Tennessee.

The current CEO is Bob Dickie who lead the company transition and relaunch in May 2018. He and the other board members are all listed in the leadership section of the Bonvera site with a small biography for each one.

Having checked through each bio they all seem to be legitimate which is good news. Its also good to see some transparency regarding ownership unlike some recent companies I have reviewed like Midsama and Easy Cash Club.

So although they are a fairly new company my first impressions are good that everything is legitimate. But what about the business itself? How do you earn with Bonvera? Is the focus on recruitment or retail sales? Let’s move on and find out.

The Products

So let’s dive in and explore the Bonvera product range. The good news is that Bonvera have their own range of uniquely branded products. What they also offer that makes them a little different from most MLMs is a range of 3rd party products.

Because Bonvera has partnered and become affiliated with other stores and merchants Bonvera entrepreneurs can also access certain products sold by these brands at discounted rates. However the products that will determine if Bonvera is a worthwhile investment are of course their own.

I’m not going to delve to deeply in to the products. After all without purchasing and trying them out I can’t comment on the quality. What we can do however is look at the diversity and cost of what’s on offer and see if we think they offer value.

The Bonvera products are split in to 5 main brands, Phyzix, Phyzix MD, Thrive, Luebella and Kutano. You can see them listed in the image below so let’s take a quick look at each one.

PHYZIX: The Phyzix range consists of only 2 products. Phyzix Zero, a zero calorie zero sugar energy drink and Phyzix Protein Wafers. Both come in packs of 12 although when I registered and logged in the wafers were out of stock. Phyzix Zero retails at $36 for 12 cans

PHYZIX MD: The Phyzix MD range consists of 27 different nutritional supplements formulated by Bonveras Dr. Jeff Davis. They range from vegan protein shakes to multivitamins, probiotics and ketosis enhancing drinks. The prices seem on the high side compared to “equivalent” products you would find in your local store but that’s to be expected.

LUEBELLA: The Luebella range consists of 6 different products that form an all-natural vegan skin care range. They do say in the marketing that the products “get results in days or your money back” Although I’m not sure how this works. Again the products aren’t cheap and although I’m not an expert $110 for an eyelash enhancer seems particularly high but hey I don’t enhance my eyelashes so what do I know!

KUTANO: The Kutano range consists of 5 products all of which have the “super food” moringa as a core ingredient. The products are said to help with memory and focus.

THRIVE COFFEE: The final range is Thrive Coffee which consists of 4 different products. Thrive Coffee is a high-grade coffee that is sustainably sourced and grown by farmers in parts of Latin and Central America. Bonvera say that a portion of profits from sales of Thrive Farmers Coffee goes directly back to the farmers although they don’t actually say what percentage.

So that’s all of Bonveras own products. I can’t comment on their quality but what I will say is that they are competing in a very highly competitive marketplace and I do wonder how easy they will be to sell. Finally there are the affiliate and partners that Bonvera work with and you can see more details in the image below.

I think what we need to do next is take a look at the compensation plan to see how it works. But before we do what does it cost to join Bonvera?

What Does It Cost To Join Bonvera?

Before we head on in and look at the compensation plan, let’s just briefly see what it costs to get started with Bonvera. Well the good news is that it’s pretty simple. There is a one-off membership fee of $149.95 to become a Bonvera entrepreneur.

You’ll then need to start to purchase products and as a new member you have the starter pack option at $124.99 or the pro pack at $224.99 with the latter of course containing more products.

Ok so that’s pretty simple, I guess it’s time to jump in to the more complicated part and try and understand Bonveras compensation plan.

The Bonvera Compensation Plan

There are several ways of earning with Bonvera and like almost all MLM’s you can earn directly from retail sales as well as sales volume by recruiting affiliate members and  building a distribution team. There are minimum monthly requirements to qualify for commissions.

Each Bonvera entrepreneur must generate at least 100 PV (Personal Volume) and either recruit and maintain at least five Active Retail Customers, or recruit and maintain at least two Smart Shoppers.

To clarify PV is the sales volume sold to retail customers or an entrepreneurs own orders. An active retail customer is a non-affiliate customer who has purchased Bonvera products within in the last month.

A Smart Shopper is a retail customer who pays a $19.95 annual fee and has to purchase a minimum monthly order to receive a discount of up to 20%.

Retail Commissions

Retail commissions are paid by Bonvera based on the number of sales generated by an entrepreneur and their downline and is known as Group Volume or GV. The more sales generated monthly by the whole team the higher the commission rate as you can see below.

100 GV sales pays a 4% retail commission rate
750 GV sales pays an 8% retail commission rate
1500 GV sales pays a 12% retail commission rate
2500 GV sales pays a 16% retail commission rate
5000 GV sales pays a 20% retail commission rate
7500 GV sales pays a 24% retail commission rate
10,000 GV sales pays a 28% retail commission rate

It’s worth remembering that’s these numbers are calculated monthly.

Differential Bonus Commissions

Bonvera affiliates can earn a Differential Bonus Commission which is the difference between their retail commission rate and their personally sponsored member’s retail commission rate. This means that if a Bonvera affiliate is in a higher retail commission percentage bracket than someone they personally recruited they will earn the difference up to the maximum 28%.

National Bonus Pools

There are yet further commissions available via the National Bonus Pools. There are 16 rank based bonus pools that you can qualify for and all depend on the amount of unilevel teams managed and the total number of GV.

They vary from Professional 1 where you have to maintain 10k GV per month in 2 of your unilevel team legs and can earn 1 share in the 40% pool. Up to Presidential Ambassador Rank where you have to maintain 160k GV per month in 3 of your unilevel team legs and can earn 1 share in the 0.25% pool.

Just to clarify a unilevel compensation plan works like this.

LEVEL 1:  The first level of a unilevel compensation plan has your personally enrolled members on it.
LEVEL 2: The second level of a unilevel compensation plan has team members that your level 1 members have personally referred.
LEVEL 3: The third level of a unilevel compensation plan has team members that your level 2 team members have personally referred.

bonvera unilevel compensation plan

In theory there is no limit to the amount of levels. What is important to understand is that each of your personally enrolled members is considered “1 leg”. Hopefully the image above makes it a little clearer.

Additional Ways Of Earning With Bonvera

We have covered the main compensation plans that Bonvera offer but there are still more ways of earning. There is an Autoship Bonus where a $25 bonus is paid on any autoships they set up within their first 45 days.

There is a Car Bonus worth $400 if certain targets are met in a consecutive 3-month period. And there is a Partner Bonus worth either $1000 or $1250 if additional monthly targets are met.

Well that just about covers the compensation plan. Hopefully its given at least an overview of what Bonvera offer. I tend to find that most MLM compensation plans are overly complicated but maybe that’s because I’m not a fan.

So what does all this mean though? After all what we want to know is whether or not Bonvera is a scam or a worthwhile investment. So what can we make of what we’ve found?

Is Bonvera A Scam Or A Legit Opportunity?

Well the first thing to say is unlike my recent reviews of Midasama and Easy Cash Club in my opinion Bonvera is not a scam. Although they are a fairly new company they do have their own range of branded retail products and are honest about their ownership and business location.

I really like the fact that they require all commission qualifying affiliates to have either five retail customers ordering each month or two autoship customers. This ensures a level of retail income which is required for sustainability and stops any comparison with pyramid schemes whose sole focus is recruitment.

The compensation plan seems fair and the range of products large enough to offer variety. Overall if you are looking to invest in an MLM in the health and wellness sector there is a lot to like about Bonvera.

However there are a few things that I’m not so keen on. The first is the health and wellness sector itself. It is absolutely saturated with products and the harsh reality is that trying to compete in such a market is really hard work.

And then there are the statistics about MLM’s themselves. A report published by Dr Jon Taylor and available on the FTC site is one of the most thorough analysis of MLM profitability ever conducted.

It is based on 15 years’ research of the compensation plans and earning data of more than 350 of the leading MLMs. It showed that less than 1% of participants in MLM schemes actually made a profit. It stated that;

 “the results show that MLM as a business model–with its endless chain of recruitment of participants as primary customers–is flawed, unfair, and deceptive” it even said that “MLM makes even gambling look like a safe bet in comparison”

So is Bonvera a scam? No but it doesn’t mean it’s something I would personally recommend, so let’s sum up what we found.

Is Bonvera A Scam? – Let’s Sum It Up

Ok so let’s sum up what we have found. In my opinion Bonvera are a legitimate company that offer a range of health and wellness products and supplements. Bonveras business model is primarily MLM so you will need to recruit new associates or team members to build a downline and earn additional commissions.

So would I recommend Bonvera? Well personally I wouldn’t invest. I’m not keen on MLM’s and there is nothing about Bonvera that changes my mind. However if you are looking to invest in an MLM particularly in the health and wellness sector then by all means take a closer look.

Or you may want to consider a different option. I make a living from affiliate marketing. This is where you earn a commission by writing about a product and adding your own unique link to the supplier. No need to buy stock, recruit people or even try and sell.

People read your article because they are interested and buy if they want the product. It really is that simple. If that’s something that interests you then read my review of the platform I use to host and build my sites and earn a full-time income online.  

Well I hope my review of Bonvera was useful. Have you had experience of Bonvera? If so do let me know in the comments below.