One of the most common questions I still get on my site is about making some extra pocket money and particularly questions about survey and GPT (get paid to) sites. Survey sites used to be a really good way of earning some pocket money in your spare time.

There are still some good ones about but unfortunately like many things there are also some pretty poor ones to. In the last few months I have reviewed Clixsense, One Opinion, Project Payday Research and a host of other survey site with a mix of results.

One thing that seemed to be consistent was that the levels of pay and opportunities are lower than they used to be. However I was recently asked if I had reviewed the site 20 Cogs.  Apparently a friend of theirs had made £200 in a month by spending just a few hours per day on the site.

Well that sounded really good to me so I decided to head on over to take a look. So is 20 Cogs a scam or a genuine way of earning some extra cash? Want to know what I found then read on.

20 cogs homepage

The 20 Cogs Homepage

So I arrive at the 20 Cogs homepage and I have to say I quite like what I see. Having looked at literally thousands of different sites I can tell you that first impressions do count.

The site looks clean, easy to navigate and most importantly free from a lot of the hype that we often get when arriving at a new site. I really like the fact it has a high Trustpilot rating which is a good start and should be a good indication that he are genuine.

We are told that COGS stands for Competitions, Offers, Games, and Surveys and if we join now we will get a £5 welcome bonus. There are 3 simples steps to earning money which is to sign up, complete the tasks and get paid.

The tasks could be signing up for offers, completing surveys and even gaming and competitions. What I really like when I scroll down is that there are 2 tabs. A “How Does It Work” tab that I have just explained and also a “How Much Can I Earn” tab.

20 cogs how much can i earn explination

This is where I am starting to really like 20 Cogs. Why? Is it because you can earn loads of money? Well no, but what is refreshing is that they are actually realistic about your earning potential unlike many other sites that hype up earnings claims or let’s be honest outright lie.

Straight away they tell you that you’re not going to make £100’s per day and that the average member earns about £200 although they have paid out as much as £700.

I have to be honest if the average member earns £200 that’s still better than the vast majority of surveys sites. As I say I like what I am seeing so I think it’s time to sign up and try and earn some money.


20 Cogs How Does It Work?

So I click on the join now for free and come across my first problem. You see 20 Cogs is a UK only site. Although I am English and still have a UK bank account and address the 20 Cogs website recognises my current location as Spain.

Fortunately I do have some VPN services that I use for just such occasions. This allows me to review sites from other countries and do so securely. I currently use one called Windscribe but there are hundreds available.

However my recommendation would be to only sign up with 20 Cogs if you are based in the UK. Although using a VPN could be a solution and I had no problem I wouldn’t want anyone to find half way through that they couldn’t complete tasks or collect their earnings. So how does 20 Cogs work?

Well the great thing is they have an explanation video on their site that you can see above. I created my account, filled in my personal details and headed in to the dashboard to take a look at the tasks.

The 20 Cogs Tasks

After setting up my account and confirming my details I’m taken to the 20 Cogs dashboard where it explains what I need to do. Basically there are 20 greyed-out cogs representing the 20 offers I need to complete before I can qualify for a pay-out. I already have my first offer of completing short survey (that you can see below) that will pay me £5 which I complete and it gets added to my account.

my 20 cogs first task

Each cog contains different tasks you can undertake. You have the option to select the first task offered or you can skip it look for an alternative instead. I found that there are usually 3 to 4 tasks in each cog before you get returned to the original option.

You have to complete one task per cog to before you can move on and unlock the next one. The vast majority of tasks seem to be signing up for offers and trails although they all seem to be with major brands like Amazon, Dyson and Netflix.

You can see below that the first offer I had for cog 2 was to sign up to the magazine site Readly where I can get access to over 3000 magazines. To do so I will need to pay for a 1 month trial at 99p but I will be paid £8 for doing so

20 cogs my cog 2 offer with readme

The good news is that the offers seem to pay pretty well. All of the ones I was offered were between £5 and £20 which is pretty good. However most of them required me to sign up and subscribe and many of them required credit card details and often a payment to do so.

So if you do decide to go ahead with 20 Cogs and complete their tasks there are some really important things you must consider.

What You Must Do With 20 Cogs.

As I said to be able to move on from one cog to the next you have to have completed at least one task from the previous cog. You will not be able to cash out any money until all 20 cogs are completed. To complete all of the cogs you are at some point going to have to sign up for some trail subscriptions.

The good news is that these all seem to be with reputable companies and your payment should far surpass the nominal subscription fee that you may be asked to pay. IMPORTANT TIP ONE: Be sure to read the “what you need to do” and the “terms and conditions” in the description box before you proceed.

20 cogs amazon offer

Above you can see a screen shot of an offer I had to join Amazon music. It clearly states the steps you need to take to get paid for signing up. In this case you must not be an existing member of Amazon, you have to listen to at least 1 song and you must send a screenshot within 72 hours of taking the offer.

IMPORTANT TIP TWO: Assuming that you meet the criteria its pretty easy money as long as you’re organised and make sure that you cancel before the end of your free trail. This will apply to most of the trail subscriptions that you are offered with 20 Cogs. My tip is to keep a spread sheet of what you need to cancel and when because forget to do so and 20 Cogs could actually start to cost you money.

How Much Can I Earn With 20 Cogs?

Like I said I was impressed that I wasn’t bombarded with earnings hype from 20 Cogs like many other sites. They immediately said that the average member will earn around £200 if they complete all 20 tasks and my final figure was just over £170 although I spent £18 to achieve this.

The good news is that you can see what the offer is before you start. You will get told what the requirements are and how much you can earn. The only negative was having to wait up to 30 days for some of the amber cogs to turn green but in the end this wasn’t a problem.

You can see in the image on the left what the 20 cogs look like when you start and on the right was after I had completed all 20 tasks. Notice that 12 of the 20 tasks were amber and still pending and some took 30 days to go green.

Other than completing the 20 cogs and all of the tasks you can actually earn money by referring people to 20 cogs. You will get a £20 bonus for everyone that completes all 20 cogs plus 5% of their earnings. I must say I haven’t signed up any friends and am always reluctant to do so but this is quite a generous payment plan.

20 cogs referal page

And do 20 Cogs pay? Well yes, I’ll say it again you will have to until all 20 Cogs turn green but I received my payment direct to my PayPal account the very next day. The truth is you are not going to get rich with 20 Cogs. It’s not going to replace an income. But can you earn some extra money with 20 Cogs? Yes absolutely.

20 Cogs Customer Feedback

I was pleased to see that 20 Cogs had a good Trustpilot rating. Of course as with most sites there will always be a mix of good and bad but I thought I would have a look and see if other people’s experience of 20 Cogs was similar to mine. Well when I looked 20 Cogs had over 2000 reviews with 64% of people rating it excellent and 20 % rating it good. Only 7% rated it bad.

20 cogs another positive trustpilot review

However I do tend to play close attention to some of the bad comments and I did see some criticism of the level of support and comments about amber cogs not turning green after 30 days. Its also really important to check the small print of each offer.

Forgetting to cancel any subscription or membership could be the difference in making some extra money and actually coming out with a net loss. Quite a few members had issues with offers not registering on the system once they were complete.

So IMPORTANT TIP THREE: is to take a screenshot of each completed offer and send it as evidence to 20 Cogs and they will resolve any issues for you. The final comments were about some of the gambling site offers. Apparently some of these can be a little misleading and often have a higher sign up cost. I didn’t actually sign up for any of these so cannot comment but its definitely something to bear in mind.

Is 20 Cogs A Scam? – Let’s Sum It Up

So I started off by asking is 20 Cogs a scam and I’m pleased so say no I don’t think it is. In fact based on my experience it is better than many of the survey sites around at the moment. Let’s just sum it up. 20 Cogs is really a GPT site where you get paid to complete tasks.

It is based in the UK and open to UK residents. The tasks are all fairly simple but the majority require you to sign up for offers or subscriptions some of which you may have to pay for. The site itself is free to join and easy to use.

Personally I had no problem with anything in the time I trailed 20 Cogs and I made a profit of around £150 in just over 30 days although it did take up a fair bit of my time. So would I recommended 30 Cogs? Well honestly I wouldn’t do it again.

While sites like 20 Cogs can be a fun little side income earner it’s not something you can do full-time and needs to be kept on top of. However you can definitely make a bit of extra cash if that is what you are after.


If you do decide to give 20 Cogs a try please do remember to keep on top of things though. While the trial offers and subscriptions give you the best pay-outs, they also come with the added risk of spending more than you make if you forget to cancel.

And as with any site where you are sharing your personal or payment details read the terms carefully. Have you had experience of 20 Cogs? If so do let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you and it’s great to share information.

20 Cogs













  • Free to sign up
  • Genuine offers
  • Some quite good offers
  • Better payment than most


  • Time consuming
  • Cannot cash out until all 20 cogs completed
  • Must be sure to cancel subscriptions
  • Can take up to 30 days for a task to be confirmed
  • Not for the unorganised!