If you have read any of my reviews you will know that I receive hundreds of emails on a daily basis many of which I delete. This morning I received yet another spammy looking email from a company called Emailconomy.

It was advertising what it called an E-Learning training product that would teach Baby Boomers a fast way to make money. So what caught my eye? Well it was the fact I was being targeted as a baby boomer. I may be getting on but I’m not quite that old!

I decided to take my aging body over to the Emailconomy website to see what it’s all about. So is Emailconomy a scam or a legit opportunity? Read on for my Emailconomy review to see what I found.

emailconomy homepage

What Is Emailconomy?

I headed over to the Emailconomy site to take a look. There is a not a great deal on the homepage but the first thing we see is a presentation video. The speaker introduces himself as Angel “Michaelangelo” Lopez. The man behind Emailconomy.

He tells us he has been running online businesses for over 16 years and has made high six figures salaries ever since. We’ll come back to Mr Lopez later. He tells us about the power of collecting emails and how much money you can make.

He says “collect emails make money, collect more emails make more money”. He explains how direct mail marketing is really powerful and how companies like Macys, McDonalds and Groupon use direct mail to make sales.

He uses Groupon as an example of how targeted emails can drive sales and shows us lots of statistics.

That’s all fine but what is the Emailconomy product? Well apparently you can buy in to Emailconomy and get access to their E-Learning. There are 3 levels that you can buy in at and each level gives you access to various digital marketing materials.

Other than that there is absolutely no mention of training whatsoever (so much for my E-Learning platform!). However what each level does is allow you to earn commission for getting others to sign up. Oh dear this is starting to look a little dubious.

No retailable products and commissions paid when you recruit others, not a good formula for long term success. Why the emphasis on email and direct marketing then? Well because that’s how you recruit more people to Emailconomy. Let’s see how it works.

How To Get Started

At the bottom of the Emailconomy homepage is a “join Emailcononmy” link. This takes you to a form where you fill in your personal details and choose which level you want to buy in at (more on the levels later).

You then have to send the required amount by either money order or cashier cheque and post it via priority mail with a tracking code.

Once Emailconomy receive your payment you will become an Emailconomy affiliate and able to earn commissions by signing other people up to do the same.

And what are the membership options? Well there are three to choose from. They are Inner Circle Level which costs $500. Diamond Level which costs $1000 and Master Level which costs $2500.

The main difference between them are the commissions that you earn for each sale. There really is no training product here, just some very limited digital marketing for Emailconomy itself. You can see the details in the image below.

So you are sending a large sum of money via the post to someone you don’t know so you can “earn” a commission when others do the same. It really doesn’t sound like a good business model to me. And how do you make sales?

Well no need to worry Emailcononmy have a system that will enable you to capture and close leads and they will do all of the work for you. Of course it will cost you a bit more, so let’s see what it entails.

Direct Marketing With Emailconomy

In his presentation video Mr Lopez tells us, “we don’t do spaghetti marketing”. That’s throwing something against the wall and hoping it sticks. Because Emailconomy have, according to Mr Lopez, “The hottest, highest converting leads possible”.

And to benefit from these leads you just need to choose a mailing package and Emailconomy will do the rest. You can see the pricelist for printing and posting the direct mail below.

emailconomy mailing price list

So despite the emphasis on Email it is hard copy direct mail that is sent in the post. And regardless of the claims of the hottest leads you honestly have no idea who they are being sent to.

Time to move on and look at the compensation plan.

The Compensation Plan

So let’s just reiterate what happens. You pay a fee to become an affiliate and earn commissions when you recruit others to do the same. There are three levels and the costs and commissions are as follows:

INNER CIRCLE MEMBERSHIP: costs $500 and pays $200 per affiliate recruited who also buys an Inner Circle Membership

DIAMOND LEVEL MEMBERSHIP: costs $1000 and pays $400 per affiliate recruited who also buys a Diamond Level Membership

MASTER LEVEL MEMBERSHIP: costs $2500 and pays $1000 per affiliate recruited who also buys a Master Level Membership

There are also residual commissions available, or what Emailconomy call team sales. These are as follows:

INNER CIRCLE TEAM: sales pay a $100 commission

DIAMOND LEVEL TEAM: sales pay a $200 commission

MASTER LEVEL TEAM: sales pay a $500 commission

So all of the commissions are earnt via recruitment. The argument would be that there are “products” bundled with each level but their sole focus is on further recruitment.

How Much Can You Earn?

This will depend entirely on the amount of people you can get to sign up. Emailconomy give us an example of a Diamond Member who decides to order 1000 direct mail letters.

So in this instance the joining cost would be $1000 plus an additional $847 for the mailing. And if 2% of those who received the mailing signed up to become Diamond Members we would end up with a huge profit of $6,153.

The truth is we have no idea if these numbers are realistic. In his video My Lopez suggests that 3% is more realistic but he wants to be conservative with his estimation and not give us hype!

So I guess in theory if you are happy sending out spam via the mail and hoping that people will sign up to do the same then yes its entirely feasible to make money with Emailconomy while it lasts.

What I Like And Dislike About Emailconomy

There is actually nothing that I like about Emailconomy but plenty that I don’t. I don’t like the fact that there is no product which in essence makes it a pyramid scheme.

I don’t like the fact that you are sending out spam in the mail and hoping that people who don’t know any better will sign up. I don’t like the heavy sign up fees or the fact that you are asked to send a cashier’s cheque or money order by post.

And let’s just come back to Angel “Michaelangelo” Lopez. I usually say it’s a good thing that the people behind a business are prepared to put their name to it rather than hide away.

Unfortunately for Mr Lopez it meant I could look him up and I’m afraid all I seemed to find were negative reviews of him and his past business. You know what, I think I have seen enough already. It’s time to sum up what we have found.

Emailconomy Review – Let’s Sum It Up

So let’s sum up what I found. The first thing to say is that I did not sign up or buy in to become an Emailconomy affiliate. This summary is my experience based on what I found. So is Emailconomy a scam?

Well I will never call anything a scam unless I have signed up and tried it or seen others scammed. What I will say is that Emailconomy would definitely be on my avoid list.

We found expensive membership fees, no real product and a marketing strategy that consist of sending hard copy spam mail. All of that along with My Lopez less than savoury history would be good reason to look elsewhere.


There are lots of ways of earning extra money. From survey sites like 20 Cogs that pay a few extra dollars to ways of earning a living from your hobbies.  

I make a living from my laptop with affiliate marketing. It’s a really simple process. No need to buy stock, recruit people or even try and sell.

You can read my overview of the platform I use. It gives step by step training and all of the tools you will ever need to create a six-figure income. Best of all its completely free to try.

I hope my review of Emailconomy was useful. If you have had experience with them or any Angel Lopez product good or bad do let me know in the comments below.