I really enjoy writing this blog. It means I get to explore and trail lots of different products some excellent, some bad and many somewhere in-between. But today is a first because I’m going to look at a product called Auto Lotto Processor.

It claims to help you generate lottery numbers that will increase your probability of winning. Well I’m immediately sceptical. The odds of winning any major lottery prize are pretty remote. In fact you are more likley to win an Oscar become an Olympic champion or be crushed by a meteor than win the main prize.

However, Auto Lotto Processor has been developed by a man named Richard Lustig who has actually won 7 lotto grand prizes. Ok so now I’m at least a little intrigued so let’s jump on in and see what we can find.

Does Auto Lotto Processor work or is it a scam? Read on to see what I found.

auto lotto processor homepage

Auto Lotto Processor Review

Well let’s start with the Auto Lotto Processor site. I head on over to take look. The first thing we see is a video with the caption “Lotto Professor reveals his #1 secret to winning the lotto”. Apparently, the video is very controversial but hey I’m prepared to rake the risk so I push play and sit back to enjoy the presentation.

Wow, well that half an hour of my life I won’t get back. I must say I really dislike hype. There is so much of it, particularly when it comes to earning money and that’s exactly what I have just had half an hour of.

Complete and utter hype and with lots of contradictions and discrepancies. We start by hearing about the launch of Auto Lotto Processor which incidentally was back in 2017. And how shortly after launch emails of winners were flooding his inbox.

We hear all about how Richard is the only man ever to have 7 major lotto wins and how he worked for years to develop his system. And how Auto Lotto Processor uses incredibly easy to use proven software to “reduce randomness” and improve your chance of winning.

Ok, well before we explore the system and the man behind it in a bit more detail let’s just look at some more of the hype from the video.

The Sales Hype

I was really hoping to hear something interesting on the sales video but instead was hit with a lot of hype, sales techniques and statements that just aren’t true. Let’s start with the level of success.

Richard implies that his Auto Lotto Processor is so successful that winners were emailing him shortly after launch flooding his inbox with success stories.

In fact, he says it is so successful that he will shortly have to stop selling is as it could “shut down the entire lottery system in the US”.

I’ve heard some rubbish before but this is right up there with the best. This is what is known as a limited opportunity offer and is a sales technique to get people to buy. And of course, if the system works so well Richard must be making a fortune.

He even says that “the lottery office started looking at me strangely as I made the trip to see them almost every week”. But his last major win was back in 2010 well before Auto Lotto Processor was launched. And talking of dates we hear about a member who used the system to purchase a $250k winning scratch off ticket.

auto lotto processor 250k winning ticket

But hold on this was all the way back in 2011, 6 years prior to launch! And quite how the system works to help you choose a winning scratch card I have no idea.

The video carries on in the same vain and I really wish I hadn’t wasted 30 minutes watching it all. It’s time to take a look at the man behind the product and see what we can find.

Who is Richard Lustig?

Being from the UK I hadn’t heard of Richard Lustig but he has gained notoriety in the US by having had 7 major lotto wins between 1993 and 2010 and winning just over $1m in the process. Obviously not one to keep a low profile he made a business out of his success by writing a book and promoting products.

However, Richard Lustig passed away in July 2018 at the age of 67. I can find no further information as to who is now running Auto Lotto Processor and I can find no mention of his death on the site.

It even raises the question was Richard Lustig involved in Auto Lotto Processor at all? At this stage as his name is being used I have to assume that he was. So let’s briefly take a look at his 7 wins and the system he used. From first to last his wins were;

Win one in January 1993 – $10,000 from a scratch of ticket
Win two in August 1997 – $13,696.03 from the Florida Fantasy Five
Win three in June 2000 – Wheel of Fortune trip valued at $3594.66 from a scratch ticket
Win four in October 2001 – Elvis holiday trip valued a $4966 from a scratch ticket
Win five in January 2002 – $842,152.91 from the Florida Mega Money
Win six in November 2008 – $73,658.06 from the Florida Fantasy Five
Win seven in August 2019 – $98,992.92 from the Florida Fantasy Five

So, what was his special formula and is that what is packaged in Auto Lotto Processor? Well according to everything I have read including statements by Lustig himself there really was no formula. There were 3 simple rules that he used.

The first was to always pick your own numbers and never purchase quick pick tickets. The second to continue with the same number combination until you win. And the third, which is very telling, is to invest your winnings back in to the lottery.

Because although there is no proof it is rumoured that Lustig spent most of his money chasing these wins. And what do the experts say? Well they are all in agreement. The lottery is random and there is no system that is going to dramatically increase your chances of winning other than buying more tickets.

This was summed up perfectly in an article at Business Insider which discredits Lustigs system.

auto lotto processor product box

The Product

So, what do you get and what does it cost? Well it cost $97 to get instant access to the Auto Lotto Processor software. Now I have to say that based on all of my research I am not prepared to spend the money and the amount of time it would require trying out Auto Lotto Processor when I already know the outcome.

But I have dug down to try and find what you get. What is interesting is that Auto Lotto Processor seems to be a rehash of other Lustig products. These include Lotto Crusher System, Richards Lottery Secrets and Lottery Dominator.

And what you get seems to be the same with each. A 30-page PDF guide and a random number generator. In fact, the T&C’s from the Auto Lotto Processor site are interesting.

auto lotto processor terms

Because in the image above you can see that the site is owned and operated by Lottery Dominator. And what does it say at the bottom of the page? Typical results equal zero. That’s seems to be summed up by people who have purchased Lustigs products on the site lottoexposed.com.

So Is Auto Lotto Processor A Scam?

I am never prepared to call anything a scam that I haven’t purchased and actually tested in depth. However, what I will say is that the consensus of experts is clear. There is no system that is going to improve your chance of winning other than buying more tickets.

Nothing will change the fact that lottery drawings are completely random. If the system works so well why was Lustigs last win all the way back in 2010? And if Auto Lotto Processor is still on the market why aren’t there lots of people winning with same generated numbers.

So, whilst I’m not going to call Auto Lotto Processor a scam I think you would be much better off investing your $97 elsewhere. Maybe on a bunch of lottery tickets!

Does Auto Lotto Processor Work?

Well that’s an easy one to answer and it’s a big fat NO. Look there could well be people who have used Auto Lotto Processor and had a win. In the same way that using your date of birth or telephone number could also give you a win. It’s not a system.

I’m afraid to say that in my opinion Auto Lotto Processor is designed to exploit the dream of winning a life changing amount of money. The only people who are going to really benefit from this is whoever is charging the $97.

Look, if you enjoy playing the lottery for a bit of fun, that’s cool. As long as you can afford a few bucks why not? You know the chances of winning are slim buy hey someone has to.

What you should never do is place any real hopes of changing your life through a lottery win and that’s what I dislike about Auto Lotto Processor.

Despite the number of scams about there are lots of good ways of earning some extra money. From a bit of extra pocket money in your spare time to building a six-figure full time online business pretty much anything is possible.

I have reviewed survey sites like 20 Cogs and Inbox Pounds where you can earn an extra few dollars. I have looked at work from home and work from anywhere job opportunities.

And there is the platform that I use that gives you step by step training and all the tools you will ever need to create a 6-figure online business. So the good news is there are lots of options and although a lottery win would be great we can’t always leave things to chance.

Well I hope my review of Auto Lotto Processor was useful. If you like playing the lotto then my advice would be save the $97 and just buy a few extra tickets because based on what I have seen it does nothing to increase your chances of winning.

Have you tried Auto Lotto Processor? If so I’d love to hear from you so leave a message in the comments below.