Over the past few weeks my inbox seems to be exploding with limited offers of unique money making systems that according to the emails I just have to sign up to. Well today was no different. At the top of my inbox was the question “want to earn $500 today?”.

Apparently if I did all I had to click on the link to a company called Aliprofits and watch a video that will “change my life” Ok I’m game. If watching a video will earn me $500 dollars then I’ll give it a go.

So what did I find? Is the Aliprofits system legit and can I really earn $500 today or is it just another scam? I headed on over to their site to find out. Want to know what I found? Then read on for my Aliprofits System review.


The Aliprofits Homepage

So I arrive at the homepage an I’m immediately greeted by the video in question. It asks me again if I want to earn $500 per day and tells me to hurry and watch the video because it will change my life. But before I click play I just want to quickly explore the homepage so I scroll down and take a look.

I am told that by following the 3 simple steps of watching the video, signing up and following the instructions I could be earning over $1,298 per day. But I am warned that the intake is limited to only 20 places.

We then see testimonials of happy clients like Alicia who made $2587 in her first week. Mmm I won’t say quite yet what I’m thinking. Finally I arrive at the foot of the page where there is some small print and guess what I see.

Right in the middle of the small print is the wording “the typical purchaser does not make any money using this system”

screenshot of aliprofits smallprint earning disclaimer

I think that’s enough of the Aliprofits homepage. It’s the typical claims of a secret yet simple system, crazy earnings potential and high pressure sales techniques claiming limited places. As always though I’m prepared to be proven wrong. So let’s watch that video and see if we can really earn $500 per day so easily.

The Aliprofits System Sales Video

I scroll back up the page and push play. I am immediately congratulated and told that I am one of the lucky few. I am going to learn about a “state of the art income machine” that can earn me thousands of dollars a day like clockwork. Not only that but it is so simple that anyone can use it AND you only need to work 30 minutes a day!

Well I’m only a few minutes in and already the video is full of red flags. I’ve seen these kinds of claims before with The Silk Road Effect, EZ Money Team and Secret Millionaire Bot none of which turned out to be true.

We then see the video testimonials of two happy customers Fred and Alicia who are both making thousands of dollars per week, (more about them later!). Next we hear all about Shawn J the “owner” of the Aliprofits system.

He tells us his back story as a computer programmer for an E-commerce giant but how after working long hours and never seeing his family he eventually lost his job.

man with laptop working with aliprofits for 10 months work

That’s when he decided to dedicate his time to finding a system to work for himself and after 10 months of relentless effort, trial and error he finally developed the Aliprofits system. So what is the Aliprofits system?

Well according to Shawn it is a unique automated system that will enable us to earn thousands of dollars by tapping in to E-commerce markets using Alibaba to source products.

He tells us Alibaba is an E-commerce giant that turned over $372 billion last year and we can get a slice of that with the Aliprofits system. As I near the end of the video I am told that there are only 5 slots left so I need to take advantage of this opportunity now. But before I do let’s try and take a closer look at what we get.


What is the Aliprofits System?

So I’ve decided to sign up and take a look at this system of Shawn’s to see how it works. But before I do what exactly is it that the Aliprofits system will be automating and teaching us? Well its drop shipping.

While drop shipping is a completely legitimate way of making money online it is also very competitive. It requires a lot of time, effort and knowledge to make a success from drop shipping.

In fact if you are interested in learning more about drop shipping then there is a great explanation as to how it works in the video below by Oberlo.

They are specialists in drop shipping and you will find some great tips about how to get started on their site. So back to Aliprofits. What is this system that is going to automate the drop shipping process so I can earn so much money by working 30 minutes a day? I signed up to take a look.

The Aliprofits System Members Area

So I click on the get access button and I am immediately redirected to the payments page which is run by ClickBetter. The good news is that ClickBetter, although not one of the better affiliate patforms, do offer a 60-day money back guarantee. But before I even sign up I am “offered” an upsell.

aliprofits system signup page

For an additional $10 I can boost my profit with “Turbo Speed Server”. I’ve no idea what that is so I’ll say no thank you. As soon as I have made payment I am hit with another upsell. This time it’s $197 for the “Tri Money Machine” that will show me how to triple my earnings. Finally I get to the main training area where I am welcomed by Daniel (rather than Shawn?).

Daniel introduces us to the Aliprofits systems members area which consists primarily of 7 video lessons explaining the basics of setting up an ecommerce business with Alibaba as your primary supplier. There are also some additional PDF’s as well as well as a small EBook case study.

All in all the training isn’t as bad as some I have seen. It actually gives a reasonable overview of how to get started. But like I said before making money drop shipping takes time, effort and knowledge. While this training may help you understand the basics it certainly won’t be earning you $500 per day for 30 minutes’ work.

Yet again there is no secret automated system with limited availability that will earn you big bucks. Just someone trying to cash in on some limited training with big upsells.

But wait a minute I thought there were video testimonials of clients making thousands of dollars a week using the Aliprofits systems’ state of the art income machine? Maybe we should take a closer look at them before we sum up the Aliprofits system.

Fake Testimonials

One of the really nice things about having a great product or offering exceptional customer service is when you receive positive feedback. Genuine testimonials can be a really powerful tool to help build trust and grow your business.

The great news its now easier than ever for people to leave comments and give feedback. The video testimonials given to Aliprofits look and sound great, at least until I dig a little deeper.

Because you see “Alicia” the girl that tells us she earnt $2587 in her first week, I recognise from a review I did of Secret Millionaire Bot where she also has a testimonial. That’s because she has a profile on the freelance website fiverr where she makes spokesperson videos.

And then there is “Fred” who tells us he earnt $6k in his first month. The only thing is that he also has a profile on fiverr and also makes spokesperson videos.

I always say that I don’t blame them. After all they are paid to produce a video and are in essence just acting. How that video is used is of course another issue. In this instance just like in Secret Millionaire Bot and Daily Profits they are being used to LIE about money being earned.

aliprofits true statement declaration

Which is pretty ironic when we take a look again at the small print which clearly says, “The company declares the information shared to be true and accurate”

Aliprofits System Review – Let’s Sum It Up

So let’s sum up Aliprofits. The first thing is the homepage is full of red flags. We see outrageous claims of life changing earnings and are immediately pressured in to thinking this is a limited offer. This continues in the video where we are asked to believe that there is a system where we can earn $1298 per day for just 30 minutes’ work.

Look as tempting as it may sound when you see these claims please walk away. While you absolutely can earn a full time living online it doesn’t happen overnight and certainly not with 30 minutes per day. For $37 you do actually get some training modules but they will do little more than give you an overview of how to get started.


Drop shipping is a legitimate way to make money online but it takes a lot of time and effort and certainly won’t happen automatically. The hyped-up earnings claims, fake testimonials and supposed limited availability are there for one reason only and that is to get you to buy their product and upsells.

Despite being introduced to “Shawn J” we know nothing about the owners so my recommendation would be to AVOID Aliprofits.

Have you had experience of Aliprofits and if so was it similar to mine? Please share your story below. I’d love to hear from you and it’s great to share information. Don’t forget if you have a question I will always get back to you.

Aliprofits system













  • 60 Day money back guarantee
  • Some basic training


  • Make unrealistic claims
  • Has fake testimonials
  • Will try and upsell
  • Product will not deliver
  • We know nothing about the owner