Being a stay at home mom or dad can be demanding and often feel like a full-time job but without the salary. As a single parent, it can be particularly demanding trying to make ends meet and even for 2 parent family’s things aren’t always easy.

The good news is that there are plenty of ways to make money from home. Some will only earn you pocket money whilst others have the potential to create a substantial full time income. There are options you can do whilst your kids are at school, asleep, or even while they are at home and in full flow.

It really depends on what’s best for you. The first thing to decide is how many hours you feel you can dedicate to any venture and to try and stick to it. Set yourself realistic expectations and match your specific skills to the appropriate job. Ok, so whether you just want to earn an extra few pennies or are looking to create an additional full time income let’s look at 10 different ways to make money for stay at home moms

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1.Earn Pocket Money Completing Surveys

Let’s start with something super simple that you can do whenever you feel like it and that’s completing surveys. Believe it or not there are hundreds of market research companies that rely on people sharing their opinions of products and services. Because of this lots of online survey websites have sprung up and you have to be careful to make sure they are legit.

The tasks you are asked to complete vary from completing surveys and signing up for voucher offers to watching videos, playing games and even testing products. Earning potential is pretty low at between £3 – £5 per hour ($4-$6) and often tasks are limited. However, if you sign up to more than one site and only want a bit of extra pocket money it could be for you.

The largest and most reliable site is Swagbucks and it is them that I recommend that you try. If you want to sign up for more than one you could read my review on One Opinion and give them a go as well. No survey site should ever charge you for signing up and if they try make sure your walk away

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2.Be A Virtual TEFL Teacher

If English is your native language and I guess for many of you it is, how about teaching English online to children in China? There is a huge demand for this right now and the beauty is that you don’t need any teaching experience (although of course it would certainly help).

You will have to take an online interview where you submit a “sample” class but if you search on YouTube “Magic Ears Interview Example” you will find some really good videos on how to pass your interview. If you do pass you will of course be subject to some background checks and that is it.

If you enjoy playing with and teaching younger kids then it can actually be really fun and also pays pretty well at between $20-$25 per hour. Two of the most established companies are VIP Kids and Magic Ears. They tend to go for slightly younger teachers and prefer those with an American accent but applications are open for all.

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3.Become A Freelancer

Think you don’t have any skills to freelance? Well think again. Simply reading this article in English means you have a certain skill. It maybe you are good at writing or have an eye for detail and can proof reading. The fact is if you start to explore the various freelance sites you will see that people earn money from a really diverse range of freelance services.

To give you an idea services range from writing articles and proof reading to logo and web design. There are bookkeepers, virtual assistants, video spokespeople and literally hundreds of other services on offer. To get an idea and see if you have any skills that you can offer I suggest you head over to one of the main freelancing sites and have a look at what is available.

Two of the sites I use are and,  You choose whether you want to charge per hour or per project. Once you start to develop positive feedback you can start to increase your rates. And if you do a good job you can very quickly develop a regular client list.

picture of daycare room for kids at home

4.Run A Day Care Centre from Home

If you are already at home looking after you own kids than how about looking after a few more? This really is only something to consider if you are good with kids but if you are it’s a great way to be involved with your own children whilst scaling it up and earning extra money.

There are of course some set up costs and the requirements will vary depending on where about you are in the world. It is likely that you will have to apply to become a licensed family child care provider and complete some basic training.  The training will include things like how to keep children safe as well as a first aid course.

There will also some personal checks like criminal records as well as a home safety check which will assess things like the access and fire risk. But once you are set up the overheads are minimal and the earning potential is pretty good.

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5.Testing Websites

Do you regularly spend time online? A recent survey found that the average person in the UK spends over 1 day per week online and within the 16-24 yr age bracket that number increases to over 7 hours per day! Well if you do spend time online and don’t mind looking at a screen how about getting paid to test websites?

Ahh I know what you are thinking, “but I don’t know anything about testing websites”. Well that doesn’t matter because website testing is all about understanding the user experience and guess what you are the user! Developers want to make sure that users have the best possible experience and that their sites function probably and to test them they use companies like 

This means that they can test their sites functionality across a diverse range of users. So how do you get started? Well you have to sign up and complete a simple questionnaire. You are then asked to make a video of yourself completing a set of tasks on the test site whilst recording your feedback. The great thing about testing websites is that no skill is required. There is no fee to sign up and the pay is pretty good averaging $10 for a 15 to 20-minute test.

6.Are You Crafty? Then Sell With Etsy

Are you an artist, do you love crafts or maybe have a hobby that involves making something unique? If you do than you can use the platform Etsy to sell it. Etsy is an establish platform for anyone who has handcrafted, vintage, custom or unique products that they want to sell.

There are already tens of thousands of people who make full time living working from home selling their products on Etsy. So, what sort of products? Well think creatively. Products include artworks, sculptures, metalwork and woodwork. Even things like handmade greetings cards and knitwear or ornaments.

It really doesn’t matter as long as it meets the Etsy criteria. The costs of using Etsy are a little like EBay (but cheaper). You pay to list your product which is $0.20 for a 4-month listing and then pay 5% of the value of the product if it sells. Want to know more about Etsy, then watch the video below.

7.Rent Out Your Parking Space

Whoa Kevin, what are you talking about, I thought this article was about ways to make money for stay at home mums? Well yes, it is but I want to include some diverse options that maybe you just hadn’t considered. I’m including renting out your parking space because it is exactly what a good friend of mine in London has just done.

Of course, this is going to be limited to a certain few but if you live in or around a major city then you will know that often parking can be hard to find. My friend doesn’t drive but has a parking space outside his house in a good location on the outskirts of London.

He used the site JustPark, which was quick and easy to sign up to and he earns £150 (about $200) per month every month for doing nothing. Of course if you are not in the UK you will need to search for a company local to you but if you have an empty parking space don’t let it go to waste.

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8.How About Creating Designs For T-Shirts?

Do you like to play around with designs? Maybe your draw and doodle a lot. Well how about selling some of those designs to be used on shirts, T shirts or even pillow cases? You don’t need to be a high level graphic designer as long as what you create is cool unique and people like it then it will sell.

So how does it work? Well first you need to sign up to the site Redbubble which is free to do. Redbubble is an online marketplace that sells designs on various products. Customers then search the Redbubble site and find a design on a product that they like. Redbubble then prints and ships the finished product.

As the designer you get paid a royalty depending on the product and the value but anything between 10-20% of the final value. The beauty is that Redbubble handle all of the customer service and admin. Also if you already have a portfolio you can add this to your shop page to help build a loyal customer base.

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9.Translation Services

As we become a more global so the need for translators increases. As a stay at home mom there are a few ways that you can work as a translator. You can work for businesses by taking scheduled calls and actually translating live over the phone or skype.

An easier, or certainly more flexible option is to translate written work from one language to another. You will even find work for things like subtitling movies or transcribing audio recordings. You will of course to have to take a test to prove that you are fluent in the relevant language but if you have the relevant skills then there really is a lot of work available.

There are a few specialist agencies that deal with translation services where you are able to register and search for work. The one I have experience of is called gengo. The website translatorscafe also posts a diverse range of work from home translation jobs on a daily basis.


And last on my list we have blogging. I have left blogging until last because it is something I am passionate about and if you take it seriously it is possible to make a really good living being your own boss doing something you love. In fact as a way for stay at home mums to make extra money it should really be number one on my list!

So how does it work. Well if you want a more detailed answer then why not read my article start blogging for beginners but the process itself really is pretty simple. First you are going to need to choose a topic.

I always recommend that it is something you are passionate about because you are going to need to write about it. Next you will need to buy a domain name and build a website. Then it really is all about writing engaging interesting and most importantly helpful content that people want to read.

make diagram 4 steps to blogging money stay at home moms

The 4 basic steps to earning an income blogging

Of course I have made it sound simple and with the right training it is. The good news is that you can learn to build your own site and earn money online blogging with affiliate marketing with the Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Training Course. They even let you try them out by giving you 2 free websites and access to the first 10 lessons absolutely FREE.

There are now tens of thousands of people make a living working from home blogging about things they are passionate about. It could be dancing or dogs, cars or cats, basketball or ballet you really can chose anything that your passionate about.

So why don’t more people try blogging? Well many people just don’t know where to start. Plus we live in an age of NOW. People want things instantly and that’s not how it works with blogging. You see it takes time to develop a blog.

Normally around 3 months before you start earning any money and between 6-12 months before you start generating a substantial income. The great thing is though once your blog is up and running it earns you money even when you aren’t working.

Ways To Make Money For Stay At Home Moms – Let’s Sum It Up

I really hope this has been helpful. No matter if you are looking to create a full-time income from home or just earn a few pennies in your spare time I hope that at least you find one of my options interesting.

I have tried to pick jobs with little or no set up cost so you can at least give them a trial. Because if you really want to work from home then jump on in and take the first step because you never know until you try.

And don’t forget if you have tried any of these options please do let me know how you have got on in the comments below. It’s great to share particularly if it’s good news.